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I am so excited to be speaking to our guest today. Not only does she have one of the most beautiful voices i've ever heard. She is not everyday that we get to speak to a winner of a reality show contest. one like no lodge. She was the winner of cob no loud in twenty eleven. And i have to thank pam for arranging this interview. I'm so excited to speak with agape yasuko Thi- gig a brouhaha and thank you so much for joining us today. Don't love to donald la shah Hug is going to be speaking hebrew. We'll do our best to translate when after the interview is over Will add subtitles or something like that. But she'll be speaking hebrew speaking in english and Hopefully we'll be able to understand each other just fine so i know Let let's start from the very beginning. I know you grew up in stay wrote And i know things have not always been easy and stay wrote. What was life like for you. Growing up in wrote a kitten allegedly busy. A high may bakaray giddy. You are qassam. Ven- the coalition and mush as legal. Each idea does their musica optimal. She'll which the tb called me neom. Hustle zimmerman lacorte. Zimmer shea zarlik. Monday ma imac assuming it said that she was when she was born when she was a kid. Life was very normal and very regular in road until the rocket started falling. And the once. Once the qassam rockets started falling. She really turned to music to help her cope with what was going on. She joined many singing groups and really singing helped her deal with the rockets. That were falling statement. But i i would imagine life was very disruptive. You're i mean from what we learned here in america and i don't think i've ever spoken to anyone in stay wrote. It must have been a very difficult life. Was it in the high. On maude she Highmore kevim the from me. May for the a scapegoat toward the the muhammadu put a show the of a god besides limited muhoza. Ha album shoe as the ordway Gluten as as shabana huchon clergy asharq. Asami was shipka. sammy chabad radio. Dr dramatic abba abba bonnie me. Who to bye-bye resort as elliot molly verified willingly taco sh- kenny the The many rusty by obame geometric delegated israel africa some legible wealthy nicotine iraq mommy's Key the television money Behind cadila lyod. Paul you'd bury decide. Shuman devour lawyer free as the caller hind legs. The highly volatile hug. It said that life was difficult in steroid growing up but the fact that they were in errands l. gave her strength and one chabad. She was in home with her family. And the rockets were falling by the dozens and she told her father. What are we doing here. Why are we in state. And her father said listen. I walked forty kilometers by foot. To get from ethiopia to eric yusra el and if i can do that just being here is all i need and not one qassam rocket is going to scare me away and we are here and we are proud to be here and that is what give what gives yasuo strength to go on. That's an amazing story. D does your family still live in sterile can lampl is the agricultural be miami particular actual other till she has one brother who lives in miami but they hope he will return to israel very very soon one when you were growing up in steroids. What were you listening to on the radio. Who are your favorites and music as a as a child. Jd tonight show at the albery hassidim. Oh can any it. Bam go at the tea or the vietnamese giamatti. Utah custody Megani in e lau is a murimi. Sorry dad you own a la la media cable audiotape. It's the musica. When she was little. She went to religious schools so she listened to a lot of hasidic music. As she got older she started getting into some of the popular music in the country. especially surrey haddad and i'm your youn- and so now you're a little older and you started getting involved in singing yourself. How did you get started as a singer. A z tim. Shea dealer a catholic. Leyla could a publicity. Will fight. With all your deputy by the cushman shefty. The galley eat the hayata. They debate sean. Jd a very fake. She'd begun flooded tonight. A cd though. This unique ability the way Moustapha imitate lobby. Bamako motiva- few Homer the volume. The disaster is definitely been it. They may get the the michelle mayor cola when she was young. She sang a lot in steroid in local poor performances and she was always in competitions over the years on television from time to time but didn't really succeed all that much then. She tried out and was accepted for the army band. The la cuts for eight when she was in the idea and then finally she tried out for nola and obviously ended up winning. Kohav no lod which she says has opened up so many doors for her and the very fact that she and i are speaking today is all because of have no lod and the success that it has brought her and i heard it at i think age eighteen. You prefer performed for prime minister. Olmert at the time kid. It was a good experience. I guess in gauge debate any modell. Oem shade Medina days.

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