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There's a report from Mike silver. Mike silver actually has a relationship with Tom Brady. So it is interesting there. And, you know, he Brady calls the GM the TV calls sorry Tampa Bay's GM and says, nope, not true. Donnie comes out, puts out a statement. This Don Ye statement is the one that I think Don Ye blew it. I'm gonna be honest. I believe Don Ye's statement is the. Tom Brady senior said it's not true. And supposedly Tom Brady called the GM and said it's not true. Don Ye statement doesn't say it's not true. It says, I'm not going to talk about it. He's his agent. He said Tom Brady's going to be the one who talks about it. And I believe if it was false, he would have outright denied it. There is no reason not to deny something that's not true. So I think Yi is the one that puts this whole thing on shaky ground. But at this point, it is hard to know with certainty what's going on in the Tom Brady situation. So again, that's catching everybody up here. I still strongly believe it's done. Would it be stunned if we played this game for a week, Evan, or two weeks? No. I would be a little stunned because Tommy now it's unnecessary drama. Tom Brady's not Brett Favre, right? We're not gonna do this whole thing where we're tracking helicopters and playing and have a paparazzi up over the ranch in Montana. I don't think we're going down that route with Tom Brady. And he's trying to put full court press now. All of his guys Don Ying, his father, these are all of his. Get him out there. Get up there. Mike silver is just get this out there. I'm sure we'll have Tom Curran or somebody locally here in Boston soon. That will have a scoop on this as well. And so all of his mouthpieces are going out now and trying to walk this story back. But if I'm Brady, he's not like I just said, he's not bred far if he's not one of these athletes said that wants this drama. And I actually think that there is something else to be said for the fact that tomorrow is championship Sunday in the NFL and there are two huge games. I don't think Tom Brady wants this story to overshadow the two team the two games tomorrow. I really don't. I think that he is recognizes that he, you know, it's bigger than the whole thing is bigger than him. And I don't think that he's that type of guy. So whether it's Tom Brady tweeting out an official statement on his own personal account or a video or something like that, I do expect something within the next 12 hours or so from the horse's mouth saying, yes, no, you know, or whatever. Because at this point, they kind of have to, right? He kind of has to either say, I'm not retiring, I'm coming back to Tampa, or I am retiring in the reports are true, but living in this middle land where nobody knows the right answer. I don't think that's really what Tom Brady's all about. So we'll see how quickly they can put it together and whether or not they're able to.

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