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He being stretched guy. Yup inex- yeah yeah winston which doesn't make sense to me. I don't know that the whole thing attached as it made sense me. Same with pearson. I don't know the whole notion of stretching pierce like windy got hurt and spring training. Or whatever then came back like the whole the whole year with pearson being stretched out with just. It was silly to me you you tournament in two thousand fifteen aaron sanchez sanchez. And you make him throw a hundred and ten miles an hour out of the back into the bullpen. And let him throw fifty to seventy five innings things this year and be extremely happy with that. And now you've lost them for another year in. He's a huge question. Mark very big. So i think he's honestly guys until ten. I really thought that. Thomas had we're going to take trenton spot period gotta question. I really question. I figured i was literally the only thing i was going to happen. I figured regardless of how thornton pitching until they had somebody to be able to eat up those innings like that they were just gonna leave him you know sitting in the bullpen and let anthony maybe start taking over some of those innings that thornton's pitching but in that equation right now. I think he had just gonna steal one of those roster spots from castro or saucedo. Who've actually i've enjoyed watching pitch. I think there's something to taylor saucedo and i enjoyed watching him as lansing log nut from the seats. There's some pieces there. But like i said i are. They gonna they helping the team win a playoff spot this year. no. I don't think so but i think having thomas hatch and that bullpen with case to be able to eat up these innings for when the fricking starting rotation does have that hiccup day or a couple of hiccup days in a row. You got two guys that can go out there and throw two or three innings and really eat up some stuff and hopefully there's more coming but right now as team is constructed i think helps us bullpen more than emc. Starting rotation is understanding the south. I don't agree with it. Throwing it out. There is a six man rotation completely all table. Yes okay for me with reopen that better extra days. Start after arrest. I would be curious. But i think the other than thomas hatch. Okay if you bring a yeah. That's the reason. St stephen maths becomes the sixth guy. Now yeah and he sought starting yeah. That's what i was thinking sprinkling in the if you bring in anybody workday and so on so forth. If you're bringing in anyone worth their weight in is going to make an impact you want header every fifth day. You're not gonna screw around with six days because then that probably gives you three. Maybe four less starts out of them. Inches are the probably going to be a rental. You're going to want to milk every single inning. That you can get out of that guy david price you're gonna you're gonna run them out there every fifth day in. Were kim like no other. Because you don't care. If his arm falls off i wanna make this point because i was brought up in blue jay twitter last few days right now if you compare the team based solely on record..

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