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Jersey served two terms as mayor of Newark before he became the longest serving Black Democrat currently in the Senate last year he addressed AJC Global Forum video as a twenty twenty presidential candidate on Wednesday, he sat down for a conversation with my colleague Julia Raymond Ajc's Deputy Director of policy and diplomatic affairs to share his thoughts on the fight for racial equality in the United States, and how the Jewish community can be effective allies. Here is a portion of that conversation. It is my great pleasure to introduce a leader in the fight for American civil. Rights and Racial Justice Senator. Cory Booker of New Jersey senator. Thank you so much for being with us today. Good to be with you, thank you, of course you've been on the ground floor of many recent bills to address racism from finally making lynching federal crime to the Justice Policing Act two, a bill to remove confederate statues from the capital. Recognizing that it has taken us four hundred years to get to this point in the much progress needs to be made. Can you help us understand? Is We prioritize advocacy? What's the hierarchy of knee in your appeal? Well first of all I. Just want to say thank you. Aj has been extraordinary champion for justice. You live so many of the highest ideals of Judaism. This idea that if I'm not for myself, who will be for me if I am only for myself. What am I if not now? And I think the thread that ties together all of the issues that I know you to your core justice equality in end to racism, anti-semitism bigotry of any kind I think a lot of this work on the bills that you mentioned have to deal with getting people's consciousness raised. We've become too comfortable with injustice in this country, if a criminal justice system that is way out of whack with the rest of humanity, we are the mass incarceration nation, incarcerating often the most vulnerable people into our prisons and jails people that need health care the need addiction treatment folks that are often in criminalized just for being poor and the challenges is most. Most of us just aren't aware of the injustices. What we see now across this country with people protesting in the streets, all fifty states, thousands of cities is that it's a wonderful thing that you see such diverse groups of folks who are confronting the injustices of our times, and so if there's an area for AJC to in terms of prioritizing, it's just that awareness where people need to be maladjusted to injustice again and need to recognize the are invested in the outcomes and to do nothing is complicity that mixed legislation passing a lot easier and a lot quicker a win. They're more Americans. Who Voices are demanding that we create real change. You? Make it sound sort of common sense, but sometimes the most common sense efforts ended up being really difficult I feel that way I have a very frustrating day as we're trying to get gearing going around the justice and policing issue, and I have to remind myself when I feel on days like this frustrated, or if like banging my head against implacable walls of resistance now. Now I have to remind myself that how long it took to pass civil rights legislation voting rights legislation, but people didn't give up and as we say the names of Brianna Taylor George Floyd let's just say their name, but remember the conviction of people who face the same wretchedness or worse Emmett till yet still found a way like Mamie..

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