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Goes blood truly contain magical properties sit sobeih pointed out that the laboratory results had proved that showcause blood do not contain any irregularities and therefore was not any different from the blood of any other human it was during this meeting that itsumi informed the called members that he was going to file the lawsuit against shoko for making false claims about his blood the timing of to timmy's lawsuit was a strategic decision on his part having been recognized as a legitimate religion in april of 1989 only still within a one year probationary period during which their status could still be revoked a successful lawsuit against aum shinrikyo could potentially take away the cult's protection as a recognised religion and open them up to investigation to to lawsuit looked like it could spell the end of amish enrico but for shoko the war had just begun in november of 1989 shoko had q he dayhigh 'akau'ola his minister of construction prepare to carry out said so ms assassination key q he day chose his team carefully he dale marai who loyally carried out the murder of cult member shuji taguchi earlier that year 1989 was an obvious choice hideo may have been the minister of science and technology but he had no problem getting his hands dirty the second member of this tactical team was satura hoshimoto a karate master and show goes loyal bodyguard and finally kozel walkie okazaki joined as the third member of the team to add additional muscle all of these cult members had been successfully brainwashed by shoko into being willing to kill for him they believed that shoko was the only path to ultimate truth and the only way to survive the impending apocalypse on november fourth 1989 the team staked out so he's house hoping to catch him alone but his wife and fourteen month old son were always home with him at eventually the cult members grew tired of waiting the team entered suits who meets home through an unlocked door they struck to sue me on the head with a hammer.

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