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Both choline kratsa will wearing correctional officers uniforms and their bodies with stiff from wigan modus at the very opposite end of the corridor was the body of modern hubbard hubbard's body was to warm confirming he was the loss to door and that he had been killed hours after coin kratsa he had two bullet wounds to the back of these head hubbard had no firearms around his body finally the bushes nazi had stolen from the kitchen at the start of the escape attempt investigating officers believe hubbard didn't fought a line until the bitter end instead he waited patiently for he's inevitable death from the reigning gunfire and grenades none of the failed escape page dogged by their ryan hain who was lie determined that office a harold stotts who was the first casualty of what was to be called the battle of alcatraz was killed accidentally by friendly fire he's funeral service was held on may seven nineteen fortysix surrounded boy's family and alcatraz prison colleagues the plenty of officer william melo who was shot by joseph krejza and light at died of his injuries was returned to his time to an state of pennsylvania where was laid to rest after a small service avas emilla was regarded a hero for bravely keeping k one i seven from the inmates ensuring they couldn't get out of the sohail's with i would have had the opportunity to harm many others the following is a written tribute to the two fallen offices quite.

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