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They're ready to go into New England show me that they wanted the best teams at the NFC offer. I'm the four and a half the patriots the patriots the Steelers the falcons, those are the three picks to more to come on Sunday Marco balletti, and I know we're in agreement on a few days, but it happens we are in this one. I'll just get off the bat. I'm with you with the Steelers laying the three with the chargers. Believer the point. He kind of went through a lot of it. We know how good Steelers are usually in the primetime games. The Melvin Gordon absences really going to be big for LA. I really believe that plus for the chargers, and this is somewhat kind of the theme for me when you're playing I know they're good. I know they're talented when you haven't been able historically over the years been able to get the big win in the big spot. I can't trust you can trust the Steelers a lot more especially because I like the fact that they're coming off the loss in Denver. You could say why they didn't play. Well, I get it. They're going to be able to rally around that they were rolling. They got brought back to earth that's going to get their attention. Mike Tomlin could talk to them a little bit better this coming week. I like the Steelers at home against the chargers. One of the games that we do agree on? I'm going to say I agree with you with the patriots. We'll do that a couple of days because I'm going to be with you on Saturday night and Sunday going with that that one the two different ones. I like the Seahawks lay in the nine and a half against the forty Niners at home. I know you talked about it earlier the careful about this game. I get it. Seattle's in a spot where you. Go. Well, how could they not the forty Niners a terrible on the road? You got Nick Mones coming off the big win with Carolina. It could be a dangerous game in a a trap type game. But these teams don't like each other. Russell wilson. I think the Richard Sherman angle will play into it. I think he wants to prove a point. Does Russell Wilson Sherman contri-. He's not the player that he was to be able to prove that point the Seahawks can smell the playoffs in a spot that none of us thought they can have coming into this year in that environment. Nick Mullins is easy for two turnovers in this game. It's a lot of points. I don't care. Give me the Seahawks lay in the nine and a half at home the other one. I mean, I hate to lay the one on this. I have to do with though, the Rams on the road. Latenan Detroit coming off the bye, which I think was needed at the Kansas City.

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