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It's like it's like if she got the house, but you have the only dorky and you were buried with it, but you come get it. Yeah, it's it's off as well because there are so many layers to this right one element is is access, right? So arguably so long as Eric has got my phone, she could get access to my to my account because you know the two factor authentication thing will send. Severed thumb, push. Well. Yeah. But I mean, everybody's biometric sensor on the on the devices, whatever else. So this ways around that. But I think this becomes infant infinitely more complicated for particularly for for public figures. So for the three of us, we're not public figures. So reasonably this is about our our families getting access to this kind of stuff. But you know, I absolutely foresee, for example, a politician. Dying, and then their account be misused for for various purposes for fabricating information or whatever it might be like, I, I think the risk goes up when you depending on the kind of person that you are. So it's not just access, but it's like, what can you do with the access? So we typically see this with Facebook as an example. Like, do you remember? I will. I won't say his name because I don't know if he's finally listening and it might be difficult subject, but there was a guy in the lyrics community came to voltage live a few times. He passed away and he had like an auto thing set up his Facebook account that would basically send out new so he died. But he was still like sending news and commentary which I think he would have found quite funny, but that's just a small normally. But what happens is the public consideration this, the private hunting consideration this, like what people can do. So I guess I'm curious act while you think it's so different than non digital stuff. You said unlike the keys to the house, you can't get it to my understanding. Every major provider has a nest of next of kin policy certainly go. Certainly, Facebook does certainly almost any major institutions going to have that. So I guess to me, it's like if you if you grew up one hundred years ago when you died with a bunch of letters box and you didn't want people to see him the box, was there just as if now your Email is there and you're. Bill have Google the inactive account manager, for example, which you can go to. And Phillies explicitly wall should happen in these situations. But the next of cayden policy are not necessarily sure when you say that go to next of kin policy, those woke up off the, you've died and I want access to the account. I'm told show they'll give it to you Feis. Vol- name your physical mailing, address your Email, a photocopy of your government issued driver's license, the g mail address or Google username that you would like access to the deceased user, the death certificate. I mean, there's a specific list of things you give them, and then they give. Now that's in Facebook. They let you appoint what they call a legacy contact who can take off Tif died and that allow people who you you to notify Facebook that you have, they will then memorialize your account. So stop showing people's walls and stuff. But as far as I can tell, I may have missed this, but it doesn't seem to be any prevision for someone shop after you've died. On you didn't appoint the legacy contact inside that dead are want access to the count toll show are actually won't my anyway, right. Right. The larger question, how are you even if you just how by will find they'll be able to access to after dead if they shot with more deaths difficu- and they're driving us. And so why do you want people to be able to do that? But hang on. Let me into stand you correctly. You're saying. So Jeremy's said that there's a set of a process and a workflow that someone goes through to set what happens in the event of someone dying an act. It sounds like what you're saying is what happens if you haven't gone through that process? What happens in that situation? Well, and if you haven't gone through that process, do you want someone rucking and claimed let me let me every hour for most people most services. So most major services. So also by GE's Google Facebook. Twitter will allow you to set up explicitly if this person gets this account..

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