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District nickel in LA, WTO P news. We had told you it was coming and it's happening today. There's something new for you on the dulles toll road. As of this morning, the dulles toll road is completely cashless. Here at the main toll Plaza nobody's stopping to pay with coins. The baskets have been deactivated. So now there's three ways to pay here on the toll road with easy pass four bucks at the main pole in $2 of the ramp will be deducted from your account. Or you can use one of four smartphone apps. If you haven't done any planning ahead, a camera will snap your license plate and send you an invoice with a buck 60 administrative fee for each toll on the dulles toll road Neil law can stay in WTO Pino. And changes are coming along the bay bridge, starting march 6th. Next week, during times when there's two way traffic on the westbound span, drivers will experience the new automated lane closure system on U.S. 50. The new system is designed to enhance safety for drivers and workers by replacing the use of barrels to close off lanes with overhead signals and other features. Full color message signs start two and a half miles before the bay bridge on U.S. 50, giving drivers more notice than ever of the lane closures that are ahead. Stick around, coming up next in money news. A huge donation to a Maryland museum, you might not even know about. I'm Jeff kleber. It's one O 7. If you spend more time with your foot on the brake pedal, then on the gas pedal, maybe you need to spend more time with us. The WTO traffic team tells you where the problems are. There's a three car crash on the beltway. Traffic updates every ten minutes on the 8s around the clock. Only on WTO P news, everything you need every time you listen. With morning traffic is at its worst, Jack Taylor is at his best. Join John and Michelle and Jack on traffic. News. On WTO, it's one O 8. Michael and sons, peting tune up for only $59. Michael. Now we have traffic and weather on the 8s with Mary de pompa in the traffic center. All right, Mark now we have a response on the freeway with that crash if you're traveling three 95 Southwest freeway you're delayed off of the 14th street bridge onto the freeway heading toward and past main avenue right adjacent to the third street tunnel two to the left will get you by if you're exiting to the tunnel northbound state of the right. Now we have delays both sides if you're coming south out of the freeway, south out of the third street tunnel onto the freeway, a motorcade came through again. So expect some residual volume on two 95, some capital street, all through and trying to get to the district a little sluggish right now, but better news on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. They cleared the crash north near the beltway, so go any delays inside of the beltway, all the delays have now migrated outside of the beltway and from about cream belt through Laurel expect some heavy volume north on the Parkway, 95 as a bailout, not so good. You've got delays heading north passing two 16 toward the Howard county rest area where you'll find a right lane block with work. They're now working southbound 95 as well after one 75. On the beltway in Virginia, it's the inner loop jammed. First at 66, you'll find on the ramp to go westbound, interlude to go west 66 signaling getting by the work, interlude jam through Tyson's getting toward Georgetown pike, and this is due to a work zone right at exit 44 on the inner loop they block a right lane and on the outer loop you'll find the left wing closed delays on the outer loop have dissipated delays on the George Washington Parkway remain. They're doing work in both directions, expanding between one 23 and the beltway, single lane would get you by in a couple of locations you would stay to the right to get by in Virginia 95. You'll find delays in both directions trying to get into Dale City, the work blocks the left lane. Go big on grapes and whole foods market, seedless red, black, green, grapes are just two 24 per pound with prime through March 7th while supply slash shop in store or online terms apply married to pomp and WTP traffic Chuck bell checks our forecast. These first few days of March are going to be on the mild side. Near 60 today for a high temperature with a partly to at times mostly sunny sky. It'll be

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