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People. You have some very bad. And we can't let that happen to our country. The March is not easy. CBS's Adriana Diaz. Dehydration is what is is threatening every single person walking through here. We were told by organizers that that children have been vomiting that some have beaten. So then tough conditions Associated Press. Reporter Jill Coleman says it's not clear how the caravan will be stopped at a White House has refused at this point to explain what the president meant we've heard from the Pentagon, which has said that. No, they haven't received any directives to change any kind of programs as source at the State Department. I had a similar message saying, no they hadn't received any guidance to change things. Either CBS news update. I'm Cam Coulter. With President Trump suggesting Amy Hughes, the military to close the US Mexican border as a caravan of migrants walks towards it what they can. And can't do during debate in Washington as commander in chief. President Trump say experts has the power to station US troops had our borders. Then it becomes more murky while he can use the troops for logistical support. Federal law prevents the military from becoming an arm of domestic law enforcement heath thinking that he's just going to call this an invasion and put bunch of troops on the border. I don't think that's gonna fly Todd Wyler's and former assistant secretary of defense. I do believe that secretary Mattis, certainly the chairman will step up, and and telling you can't do that can't do what you're saying. And you're rallies. Of course, the president has also vowed to build that wall. So far that has not happened in any meaningful way. Charles Feldman, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Someone said a bond with the home of liberal billionaire? George Soros tonight. Huffington Post reported employees open it, but it did not explode bomb squad tax were set the sources home in Bedford, New York and detonated. At the FBI is investigating President Trump is personally attacked Soros, who's a favorite target of hyper-nationalist conspiracy theorists. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has met with Saudi Arabia's embattled crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, the meeting today took places the crown prince faces growing international criticism over the killing of Saudi writer, Jamal kashogi. It also came on the eve of a three-day investment conference in Saudi Arabia, but he should have said he would not attend the conference, but would discuss counterterrorism efforts with Saudi officials l just two weeks until the midterm elections. New polling shows Democrats with the advantage while he's name won't be on the ballot. This election will likely come down to how people feel about President Trump. The energy is definitely breaking against the president. The question is Willard play on the congressional races. And most of the polling. We have looks like will Republican strategist Mike Murphy is now co direct. USC center for the political future. He says there is one key voting bloc panel really does come down to suburban women directly. College educated women, and we're seeing that right here in California in some of those Orange County district that lean Republican, but this year, the Republican candidates who normally have a pretty easy racer fighting for their lives. Democrats have a fifty five percent to forty-two percent advantage over Republicans in the latest USC Doorns life L A times poll of voters nationwide. Chris Edens, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio the midterm elections are two weeks away. At if a new USC Doran Saif LA times poll is correct. It will be a good day for the Democrats. They survey of voters nationwide shows the party with a fifty five to forty two percent lead when likely voters were asked which party's candidate. They would vote for in the November six election. The poll finds that desire to vote against President Trump runs, especially strong among female voters, particularly college educated white women and minority women in another poll from NBC news and the Wall Street Journal. All the Democrats hold a nine point lead over Republicans among likely voters. But when it comes to the man of the White House his numbers are surging President Trump's approval rating has reached a new high forty seven percent, which is a major jump at his popularity. The same poll found him with a thirty nine percent approval rating back in April the economy and jobs rank the top concerns among those surveyed after thousands of non-citizens were being added. A California's voter rolls by the DMV's motor-voter program new safeguards were put in place today. Be where you would have data transmitted automatically from the DMV to the secretary of state's office. That's no longer happening at the moment. What's going on? Looking at it. And there's an extra layer. Now tech state Alex Padilla told the DMV to stop on a medically sending motor voter registration data to his office until new safeguards were in place. Nine thirty five on KNX say class action lawsuit against the big scooter companies here in so Cal that story and four minutes.

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