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And i felt like i had testicles really underneath my eyes on he loved that and he was like great was bring out spring out those testicles and shot me in eight day brushing covering evoke nobody of And i loved it already liberating. And he got me to wear pajamas rather than anything kind of structured and fancy. And i will always remember him and his work fondly but yeah i mean. He was definitely part of Every at everyone in that time was complicit in a culture that they thought was acceptable and they thought it was beautiful. Yeah i mean we wouldn't. It becomes normalized on that level. It's just sort of like this is the way it's supposed to be across everybody and can imagine what it would take to really just stand out and say and say no effectively. You would have to be willing to walk away from your career. Which is which we now see a lot of people doing in on a different level or not. I didn't have a career because i was not a successful teen model. I didn't make it as a teenager. I started and i went costings and everything. But i was also trying to juggle school at the same time and south asian and there would just no south asian models at the time so it was definitely difficult to break through in that moment and then i got hit by a car pulled out the modeling industry. Thank god otherwise. I'd probably be dead now but On very very very very happy. That i was not successful during that time because like considering how badly i've already messed up from hooligans from eating disorder behavior during that time a Imagine what would have happened. If i was also smoking taking cocaine and and maintaining mac asian for as long as it would take to be successful modeling career. Yeah i knew you described the The car accident in in a weird way. Almost a blessing Something that ended up to a spinal cord injury and and pretty much took you out of being involved in people outside of your your home for better part of a year. maybe longer i was bed bound benches. It wasn't that bad. I had a really strong painkillers and cable tv so while i would never undermine the experiences someone else damaging I actually found that to be quite a good year. I had a morphine drip Of living my best life eating ice cream off my face watching frazier. So i have. I've terribly pull memories of that time by very vivid memories of that time. Because i used to watch television day and night because i didn't really happening friends In my family. Were not in social moment so i was alone most as all day every day pretty much other than when i would need to go to the toilet and so i would watch television compulsively and i think a lot of i learned came from. Tv's for better or worse island tattoo. Identify mental illness watching oprah and island comedy from friends and frazier and Sista sista and i learned i guess. Probably have to host just via osmosis. Because i went. I stumbled into the entertainment. Industry will was just sort of instinctively known what to do and how to carry myself without any Any kind of media training any kind of acting school anything like that. I have just always had an instinct for how to perform on camera which must come from just compulsive addictive television watching. I just knew what to do to bit like the king of comedy. Rupa puckett good. I project is supported by ever lane. Seven thinking about.

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