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Degrees above zero in Boston at seven o'clock. Good morning, Charlie merger on Here's what's happening. Well, you've got to bundle up today as we are in the midst of a real hold snap possible wind chills. Between zero and 10 above during the day. You know what it is right now it's 10 below and there's a storm on the way. Pretty busy TV meteorologist Jacob White coffee and then we turn our attention to Monday evening Tuesday and wrapping up on Wednesday with the coastal storm that's going to make its presence known. I think there's the possibility for significant snow. And also wind and potentially some coastal impacts to so today's high in the low twenties, real feel those single digits teens maybe we'll get to the full accurate the forecast coming up. In just a couple of minutes. Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch testing positive for the coronavirus, even though he has received both the 1st and 2nd doses of the Fizer vaccine. A staff member at the congressman's office says he tested positive earlier this week. Congressman Lynch had tested negative before attending President Biden's inauguration 10 days ago. He is reportedly asymptomatic and feels fine. He will self quarantine Lori Trager and also announcing on Thursday she tested positive after repeatedly Testing negative mixed readings in the latest covert 19 report from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. There's WBC's Carl Stevens when it comes to hospitalizations, active cases in positivity rates in the state. We are definitely seeing the positive trend for the fourth day in a row. The estimated number of active cases of the virus is down to more than 74,000 for the fourth day in a row, the number of hospitalizations of the virus down below 1800 for the first time all year. In the seven day positivity rate of 4.28% is the lowest of the year. But the number that's up in this latest update from the state Department of Public Health is the number of covert related deaths 98 Bringing the death toll in the state to 14,154 Carl Steven stop BBC Boston's news radio, So the state Health Department does say that there was a technical glitch. In the reporting of almost 25,000 test results both positive and negative. So those results did not get into yesterday's count. They'll be included in today's daily count will see that sometime, probably later on this afternoon. Maldon man arrested accused of trying to hire a hit man to murder his wife, 54 year old Massimo Marini arrested yesterday. Officials say the person Marine he was attempting to hire to kill his wife turned out to be An undercover federal agent. The U. S attorney says a person tipped off law enforcement, saying Marangi had complained about his wife seeking a restraining order against him. So he then allegedly offered an undercover agent. Ah, $1500 deposit for help In killing her. Frankie faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. 703 a hoax call to the Coast Guard. Well, now we know who placed that call. It's about coming up in just a couple of minutes. Let's go check the roads. Theseus Maru. Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three fellow rock. Come on, Charlie, And we're looking at light volume on this frigid.

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