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57 looking good to always are also moving well this Tuesday. I'm Amanda Sirnak, e w G and Traffic Central. It's going to take some time to clean up the mess left behind by the F three tornado that slashed across several miles in the West in southwest suburbs Sunday night. It's the Chicago area's most powerful tornado In the last six years. It first touched down in Naperville, then moved east leveling homes and trees, knocking down power lawns and overturning cars. Injuries from the tornado, said eight people to the hospital. Six of them have already been sent home. Woodridge residents have a lot of cleaning up to do and they got help yesterday from volunteers like Linda Wagner, who just showed up to pitch in so glad that nobody was killed. That's the most important thing you can repair all of this, but as long as everybody's okay, that's what comes tornado that hit Naperville, Woodridge Daring and Burridge and Willow Springs has been categorized as an EF three. Tornado. EF Three Tornadoes have wind speeds of 136. 165 MPH in Naperville. More than 130 homes were damaged 12 were destroyed. One person remains in critical condition this morning, but again no one has died. National Weather Service has also said that tornado touched down in the Plainfield area. They say that was an EF 00 tornado traveled little over three miles from playing field to Romeo of with winds of about 85 MPH. It caused some damage around Route 2 59 area and the Mist Wood Golf Club. The National Weather Service survey teams will be out again today, looking at damage in Northwest Indiana rotation was detected with the storm on radar as it hit from Hobart to South Haven. Weather service. Also investigating storm damage in Addison hasn't determined what happened there yet they have determined straight line winds caused damage from Kane Ville to Aurora and from Downers Grove to Hinsdale. Today. The Senate will take up Democrats election reform in voting rights bills, but it faces staunch opposition from Republicans. Even.

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