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I like what I've seen. I haven't seen enough to tell you that I would draft him in the first round. I also haven't seen enough to tell you that he's not a first round bag. I just don't have I haven't gathered enough information on Matt corral. And I apologize if you want me to come out now and say he's the first one. I promise I'll make a determination and tell you what he is in like march, leading up to the NFL Draft. I need to watch every game he's played. I have a whole process. I will say so I need to see more, but I will say, I love his mobility. The dude is also playing hurt, and I love the toughness Matt carral plays, but you can see he's limping he's not at 100%. And he's still running really well, making plays, whatever he can. Get an awesome play against liberty where he reversed pivoted, rolled left, kind of threw a guy open, you know, literally like a bachelor throw to make a guy who wasn't really open through him open. I love that. Matt Carl, he did run quite a bit in this game against liberty. And he does a great job of sliding, getting down, protecting himself. I love all that stuff. And now, I don't love his throwing motion. I think it's a little short and short meaning I worry it doesn't separate enough on the ball to get more on it throwing vertically. But also who cares? I'm telling you, I look at it and go like, I don't love that, but he's also highly accurate, so like who really cares if it's throwing motion isn't pretty. It doesn't really matter. So I'll tell you, that's how I feel, but also how I feel it doesn't matter, because the results on the field of Matt corral are really impressive. And what I've seen, he makes good decisions. It seems like a great leader. I hear his name a ton, and I want to just kind of update anyone who isn't clear. Matt corral is on my radar. He might be a first round pick and I will just he's definitely one of the names I will do a film analysis on this February February March depending on how it works out. But yeah, he's on my radar. I'm excited about him. I just don't have enough information yet to tell you definitively whether he is or is not a first round pick. He might be the second best quarterback in the draft. There's not a lot of great options this year. Macro looks really good. And I just time will tell, do more film analysis on them later. But that's where I stand out of now is I like him and I'm not sure yet what he's going to end up at when I got to watch more film and I just have to be. I have to tell you how I really feel. I can't lie to you and be like, I hate it because I said I hated him. I wouldn't have any reason to hate him because I haven't seen enough. And I also don't have enough reason to praise him as a first round pick because I haven't seen enough. And so that's how I feel about old mis quarterback. Matt corral. Let's now talk about college football week ten. There are 8 things I find noteworthy that I want to highlight I already talked about on this against liberty, only speak liberty 27 to 14. Let's dive in number one, though, Purdue beat number three, Michigan state 40 to 29. And on October 16th perdue knocked off number two..

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