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At pseudo <hes> Dan you can start this one if you want a henry pseudo is a triple city but he is a champ champ is the U._F._C. Bantamweight and flyweight champion. There's a lot of fighters calling for his name <hes> but who who do you think deserves the first fight. Who Do you think we'll get the first fight tough question and <hes> I actually caught a lot of heat on twitter? Recently Algebra Sterling Lakewood tweeted me saying like get the fuck out <hes> and he was kind of a little bit upset. I guess at some of the things that I tweeted all I said was I was pretty clear my tweet yet people were kind of obviously just just taking out of context I literally I sentence I said was I'm not saying that I wanna see pseudo versus favor. I'm not saying that but what I am saying is that it's not a crazy idea now that he has a win over a ranked opponent <hes> I think I've always I've been on record and I told this to to sterling to. I replied to his tweet. I think he should get the next shot at one thirty five but that it doesn't necessarily mean he should get the next shot period. I think the next guy in line is Joseph Ben Evita's. That's the guy that the only guy the has a win over and that fight. I don't know if you guys remember it. <hes> it was a buildup for from a tough series so there it was a little bit of a rivalry there and I think that that's the time when Suharto was cringe but without without really I guess bringing it out to the world and Joseph Ben Evita's would just would just <hes> always burn them for that <hes>. It was actually really entertaining. Fido some controversy there. If you don't remember <hes> who got deducted a point I don't remember exactly for for what it was might have been a low kick. <hes> <hes> a low shot. I don't remember the details but yet he was deducted a point. I thought so Kudo <hes> probably had the better fight nonetheless Joseph one is still very competitive. I think he should get the next shot. I think there's a story line there. I think Henry's of who has the opportunity to defend the bell both weight classes something in your champ champs haven't been doing in the recent years and I think that will set them apart from any other chance. Amanda Nunes is currently a trying to attempt that <hes> but you know we saw her at one thirty five. We've yet to see her at one forty five. If a Huda can can can do that I think it will put put them apart from all the other champs and on top of that you know it's a fun fight. It's a fight that Joseph benefit deserves so I think he's the next in line who who do. I think we'll get it. I'm going to be optimistic and I'm an I'm GONNA say Joseph. Benedetto's Dana White recently recently came out in the Z and said Look I think Joseph innovators should get the next shy I think if Kudos able to defend the belt at both ways will keep one hundred twenty five pound division route so I think it's a it's a great idea but again this the same talking to t._m._z. where they just stick a camera in your face disaster questions on your side. Well yeah sure you know so. I don't know I think the favorite thing people are discarding it. People are saying it's crazy but I do think it's very possible I wouldn't would it. Look if tomorrow I wake up and open up twitter because as the first thing I do when I wake up I see favors getting the next title shot one thirty five Windsor Pricing. What is not one bit not even a little bit? I can't agree. I agree with everything. He said. If they announce your favorite was fighting Henderson who for one hundred thirty five pound title it would be the least shopping development it wouldn't. I won't say it won't it wouldn't bother me personally because I just like high level martial arts and that's like I liked that fight as a fight right but who deserves it. It's Josephine Evita's I spoke with Henderson Budo at the U._C.. Hall of fame ceremony on the.

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