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I get to talk to my friend mike lindell so i'm just going to throw it right to him. Mike lindell welcome to this program. Erc mike this is exciting. You are launching. Frank speech dot com a new social media platform where people will have actual free speech People have been making fun of this. Which is how you know you're over. The target people like jimmy. Kimmel have been triggered. They're scared they're scared. Because they're not gonna be able to take the lord's name in vain on this on this new frank speech dot com. I love it. This is so great. Okay so if people who are interested. They've heard us talk about this before. How do people sign up like where are we today. Is what thursday today. Survey tuesday right right. Today's thursday okay. So this launches like tomorrow is the prelaunch t tell us go ahead. Yeah yeah so so today. By four midnight everybody go to frank. Speech dot com. Get your vip paths some point. Tomorrow you'll be able to have free access to the up all through the weekend. Ex- exclusive access. It's on course talking to be free but you're going to have exclusive access to the site all the way to monday morning and on monday morning at nine. Am and by the way you can sign up all weekend but you're only going to be able to get into the site so we want people to get free access tonight. Sign up before midnight tonight. But on monday morning at nine. Am i. We are launching a forty eight hour. We're calling it a frankenstein and we're going to have guests on and all through all through the forty eight hours but here's a ninety m between nine. Am and chen after nine. This is central time. We are gonna make the one of the biggest announcements ever made. It's going to be so awesome. And i can't even say the guests coming out after that because it kind of ties in with the other announcement and we're going to have that then we're going to have a ticker tape. Just like the lewis. You don't mean tickertape. You mean a tote board. Oh a tote board okay. I get to help mike lynn. I get to correct my buddy mike. You want it yet. Because i know you took it. You mean a tote board and you can say. Let's go to the tote board and it's going to be a tiffany drum roll and then we're going to see how people have signed up on. The new platform called frank. I love this absolutely and then the first day is all going to be talking about what's happened in our country with our first amendment rights..

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