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Sitting in with Jane wells on this day. You're in the middle of this Covington Catholic school controversy. We're gonna button it up. Now. This is we're gonna finish it with this. But but they'll be more tomorrow because it just there's more. I as I said earlier, we live in an era of this toxic soup of a bias truth. Lies misreporting, correct reporting error. It's just you don't know what to believe anymore. And so don't believe anything at first blush. Yeah. But the good guy bad guy part of this makes it a story that has additional life because everybody can get really dug in apparently where we're happy being these days. Yes. So they're all kinds of loose ends on the on the Covington thing tell me about what happened at this at this church. Apparently, it's it's a it's a renowned church in Washington DC. Yes, which I have never heard of, you know, I I know the National Cathedral I've been to the National Cathedral, which is beautiful my mother taught at National Cathedral school. Really? Yeah. And it's it is a stunning place. I mean, just like you're thinking well. If God's going to show up he's coming here. There's like Darth Vader. There is actually a Darth Vader helmet in the stain glass on one part of the National Cathedral. If you go look at, but this isn't there? That's where the wasps go. Other practices. There's also which I didn't know existed. Sorry. The what is it called the national shrine of the immaculate conception, which is the largest Catholic church in the US. And apparently the day after you can find this video online, Nathan Phillips and a bunch of protesters. I wouldn't say stormed entered. And again, if you don't know the name, Nathan Phillips, use the native American who was part of this Covington Catholic school controversy, and they apparently went to the nation's largest Catholic church a day after to hold the Catholic church accountable for the actions of the students at Covington Catholic high there in the middle of a mass right turn. Yes. They were quote, it was really upsetting. There were about twenty people trying to get in and we had to lock the doors and everything said somebody who didn't want to give their name, but nothing bad happened. But for a guy who was quote, unquote, shaken and overwhelmed by what happened the day before then, you know, he's not quite the passive. Passive person that we were originally led to believe they're beaten us drama. I'm not a PR guy. But I might say to nNcholas Phillips. Nathan Phillips, maybe maybe lay out for a week or so just kind of keep it cool. Yeah, they home. You know? I don't know get on Twitter. If you really don't I really feel as though you're right to turn. Now. Here's the other side of that note. You're in the moment. You are the moment you have to capitalize on the moment. And so maybe for that reason he was trying to hold the Catholic church responsible for these kids that he had a run in with it proves we are all imperfect and these are all complex characters. Although I don't think there's anything complex about chief Ephraim Israel of the house of Israel. This is from the New York Post. This is the black Israelite from Brooklyn who they claim spark the Covington controversy. You know, they were there were about five or six of them, and they were like shouting expletives and calling them incest babies. It's not clear who started it. But it seems. I'd bet money they started it. And then the boys end up with their chant. So he said, basically, he has obviously no apologies. The word of God sparked it all he said they've seen what they've done. They've been told. I believe they are from Kentucky. They've never been spoken to like that by a black or Hispanic guy. It was piercing their souls were getting ripped they were catching darts and ninja souls all into their soul. And he's upset that Nathan Phillips actually kind of tamp things down because he says I wasn't done yet. I wish you hadn't done that. We we were. We were still teaching. We had so much more to go. Wow. That's a weird way to teach. It's not really the lesson was learned it's not a kind of lesson that I think is very effective. But it seems we can agree. Can't we that that black Israelite group? They feel like they were up to no good. Can I am? I safe saying that I'm waiting for a eighteen million video to come out to show that they were actually the Greek smoke and a couple of cigarettes. Wait somebody else that we have yet to know about started throwing eggs at them. I'm still waiting for that sort of context to be provided. They were stirring, the pot. It seems and you could even say that they instigated the initial confrontation and that Phillips put himself in the middle of that as the native American. Well, he wanted to be the peacemaker he said, although walking into the middle of the group of high school students is you could argue whatever, you know, what we're gonna we're still a couple of loose ends though. Freshman Representative Ilan, Omar the democrat from Minnesota the woman who you know, is become famous as part of this new congressional group of women the first woman to wear job while she was being sworn in. She now last night, she's still weighing in on it had to delete a tweet claiming that that the kids were taunting the black protestors despite accounts to the contrary and said that one of the kids in the group said, it's not rape. If you enjoy. There's no it's not clear. One of the kids said that. So she deleted the tweet. Then there's this twenty twelve picture of these kids from coverage in highschool. None of whom are at the high school some of them in black face. I'm waiting for context to come out on that our winter that'll be hard. I went to snowpacks on that right away. I guess this is now two days ago. Yeah. And snow does at the time. Anyway, two days ago was tentatively verifying it as there are a lot of things that looked at that spoke to legitimacy of the photo that is to say it looked like a legit photo as opposed to something that was put together after the fries. So it speaks to the culture there in two thousand twelve if true and somebody said the other day if you have to start a sentence with if true don't say the rest of the sentence. And finally does the Covington Catholic high school thing go to the White House. Yeah. Well, first of all as you're probably aware we're talking about on the show yesterday. Trump says that he wants them to come to the White House once the government reopens, but beyond that there's a connection. With the Covington Catholic school. It turns out that Pat chip alone clash of nineteen Eighty-four recently took over as White House general counsel, he previously served as an informal adviser. The president on special counsel investigations in into the Russian interference in the elections. But now, Pat chip alone. This proud Covington Catholic high school graduate is there at Trump's side at the White House. It's a very small world. And you know, what I find interesting just how close certain ties are Brett Cavanaugh a Neal Gorsuch to supreme court appointees nominees, which are now on the court. They both went to the same high school. Yeah. Well, the supreme court school and the feeder schools for those judicial appointments, that's a whole other conversation. I love to have with you another time with anyone actually I'm constantly talking. You can just come by will you just tune in? We when we come back. Wow. The one of the hottest movies of the year is this bohemian rhapsody. I don't know if you saw it. I did it is spectacular. It is brilliantly directed brilliantly acted. Well. The director is a guy named Bryan singer. And now there are fresh allegations of sex with underage, boys. We will rock you well done, Gary and Shannon show, Jane wells, and Mark Thompson. Here's Monica Rix, car has hit a teenager on a street in Pomona. The team was taken to a hospital with head trauma. We say the driver stopped at the scene this morning and was cooperative. The Russian military has released specify. Nations for a new missile opposed by the US the US has threatened to ditch the IMF treaty passed under President Reagan. If Russia goes forward with this lambaste cruise missile but Russia insists the missiles range a short enough to comply with the treaty, New York, New York Yankees reliever. Marianna Rivera has become the first player ever to be unanimously selected for the MLB hall of fame Rivera spent his nineteen year career with the Yankees helped them win five World Series that thirteen time all-star was also the all time leader in saves. Other inductees include Mike Mussina, Edgar Martinez, and ROY halladay, weather and traffic next. Iheartradio has given wonks.

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