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Christopher Cruz, 45,300 new Corona virus infections were reported in the U. S yesterday. That's the first time the daily count has dropped below 50,000 in four days. At one point last week, the count reached 54,500. But on a bee sees this week, Republican Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez says things aren't good in his city were obviously very closely monitoring hospitalizations and we're very, very closely monitoring the death rate, which Are lagging indicators that give us the impression that we have to take much stricter, You know much stricter measurement Axios reports this morning that at least 15 states broke their single day Corona virus infection records this week. FDA commissioner Dr Stephen Han ask this morning about how close we are to a vaccine. Well, I'm optimistic given what we've seen so far, but I really can't speculate on that. Our job at FDA is to look at the data when it's available. We're not actually the developers of those. Although we provided assistance to Developers of vaccines so that they have clarity about what data they need to bring to. Our experts are worried that the lack of masks and social distancing this weekend will cause the Corona virus outbreak to worsen. Two people have been killed in a shooting early this morning at the lavish lounge nightclub in Greenville, South Carolina. Eight people were wounded. Some of them are in critical condition. Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis has no arrest yet we know Uh, certainly, uh, too. Again. They may be more there was multiple shots fired. We don't even have around count yet of actually happening. Rounds were shot. But we do have for sure from video that was posted that there were at least two shooters. An 11 year old boy has been shot and killed in Washington, D C. Police say five men were quote shooting up the area near a community center at an apartment complex last night. I'm Christopher Cruz. Are you paying too much for term life insurance? There's a tremendous price war. Among the major term life Cos rates have dropped dramatically in the past few years. For example, a man age 45 Tobacco user. $1 million of coverage $75 per month level rate for the next.

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