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In Pittsburgh Steelers the twenty forty three advantage on the bangles as the third quarter is winding down Mason Rudolph couple touchdown passes the latter forty three yards to the onto Johnson he's twenty of twenty four two hundred and seven yards in those two scores the person was twenty one yards to James Connor he's been his favorite receiver lonely Jaylen Samuels both at six catches Connor seventy six yards Samuels forty five the both of them share the ball on the ground as well Conor is nine carries forty six yard sandals eight for twenty eight to nineteen for seventy five in total for Pittsburgh meanwhile maybe dawn is not really got anything going thirteen to twenty three about twenty Joe mix in thirteen carries fifty nine yards all Steelers in Pittsburgh twenty four three as we go to the fourth house for raiders linebacker Montez perfect spend the remainder of the season due to repeated violations of the unnecessary roughness role Bangor Broncos was bred the chip for the year tore his ACL turns out should actually played in their loss to Jacksonville with the injury is near at some point the game but he felt good enough to come back in and and actually played that last series pretty damn well had some really good pass rushers because that formal that we weren't able to get so you know he was just as surprised I think is anybody this morning that's it code I head coach Vic Fangio we wanna surgery for bears quarterback Mitchell to basically although he does have a dislocated left shoulder along with slight labrum tear unlikely a play in London on Sunday against the raiders but he's expected back sooner rather than later giants lost their middle linebacker rookie Ryan Connelly for the year twenty CL jets of clear the quarterbacks in Donald for non contact drills he continues to recover from mono unclear to play Sunday against the eagles baseball playoffs begin on Tuesday nationals play host to the brewers pitching matchup as mac shares are going up against Brandon Woodruff course the American links to. earn is on Wednesday is the openings will host of race engines they fired their manager Brad Ausmus after one year warriors guard Klay Thompson out until at least the all star break he continues to recover from the twenty C. L. I'm Marc ability. this is branded dearly you've come to the right place for NFL scores news and opinion CBS sports radio..

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