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Easy news radio for its may still be looking their wounds after Sunday's ugly loss to the Broncos to drop them to two and three, But they got some help in the standings last night, Chief Stop The A F C E sleeping bills. 26 17. So Pat's remain third. But just a game and a half back final game of week six went to the Cardinal's 38 10 in Dallas. Andy Dalton was intercepted twice in his first game as the Cowboys starting Q. B. Back to the past. The host Jimmy Garoppolo is nine or Sunday. And while everyone's hoping to practice more than once this week, John Bentley is not making excuses for a poor start to the season. I'm not excusing it is what it is. I mean, we are knew going into this thing that would be kind of diversity field and we plan Take it on and continue to take it all. So whoever rubble we gotta try and trap air, doing it to the best of our ability. Former Bruins forward joking. Nordstrom left Boston after two years for one year pact with the Flames Worth $700,000 and tonight Game one of the World Series between the Dodgers and raise Adam Kaufman, the ZBZ Boston's news radio. It's 9 30, not a good look to the roadways. Let's get back out there with Laurie Grandi. And look at the Subaru Retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes, Lawrence, you're brought to us by the 99 restaurants. Yes. Okay. 1, 28 Northman continues to be a proper force. It all started with that truck that jackknife off the ramp because somebody cut that person off. Let that be a lesson to you Won 28 north on the ramp to Route one remains closed office. They still deal with the cleanup. After that, there was a fuel spill. There was lots of dirt in the roadway as well. So 1 28 North Bank continues to be slow from 1 29 to Route one and 95 south and is tied Oppa's well from 1 28 to Route one. Because you can, you know, take a look over to the other side. That's understandable. Lever connector down wrap is jammed is still the Tobin just slow coming around the loop ramp. They did clear that earlier crash we had in haven for 95 North bound Lori grab that Levi's ease traffic on the three certainly gray skies here in Boston right now and pretty much all day long today 56. For the moment we'll make a run at 70. This afternoon. This's w easy use radio 10 30 where the news watch never stops. Be the chance of a passing shower or even a thunderstorm. Later today, same story pretty much tomorrow with clouds. Showers. Maybe some sunshine again, 70. And then it's all son.

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