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Progressive issue in fact brent welder running kansas third district is crushing the current republican opponent incumbent by about seven points with almost with not anywhere near the money that kevin yoder has in that district and he's a union lawyer he was a union lawyer right so the corporate democrats tells all the time oh you and your teachers you know now now a lotta time they take union money but when he like obama when it came to protecting the unions and their rights all of a sudden he couldn't find his walking boots and all of a sudden card check didn't nope not gonna do it you attacking the unions wisconsin nope not gonna show up at the protest not gonna do it not going to do it but when it comes to winning the elections all of a sudden they're progressives oh really ilias even the republicans a republican consultant said the problem with rick saccone was that he wasn't union enough now look that's a particularly union district in pennsylvania's eighteenth district pre k but that's a hell of a thing when we're polling this came it we should have supported the you four okay so i take that into consideration as well i'm not a political consultant i'm not an expert maybe i don't know nothing it's entirely possible but if it helps you to win an election by being pro union around the election how much more will help you in the election if you're always pro union and you demonstrated throughout your term seems like you'd probably clinch a lot of elections that way but again i'm not an expert one last thing wanna show by the way so we showed we broke down the sixteen point average spread in the special elections this is something i talked about earlier today and look it's it's a few you don't know how much you can actually interpret from just a few special elections still long way out is really mean anything let's bring up this final chart graphic twenty five this historic change between special election average amounts and the actual vote once he gets the general election and you're seeing there that yes it can be off by little bit by off by that much it isn't off by sixteen points or twenty points or whatever and so what you're seeing there is that this is probably.

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