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You know just a few weeks ago for example the pennsylvania supreme court struck down a gerrymandered um congressional districts under the state constitution we've also had the kansas supreme court find that the state was an adequately funding um education in the state you know these courts are issuing rulings that have a you know can make a very big difference in in people's lives and you know exactly for that reason because of their power steve increasingly become political target and you know i think to stomach fence you know perhaps emboldened by what we've been seeing on the federal side the rhetoric around um the rhetoric around the courts from the president and others on the other hand i think they may also be canaries in the coal mine i think well mostly on the federal side we've just seen rhetoric around the court on the state side we've seen laws in we've seen bills introducin laws passed that are diminishing the power and independence of state court some of those details on on the subject of what comes the state court i gather at least three of president trump's key executive orders have shown up in state court and been blocked or diminished in some way right can you wanna just tick through those quickly on you i'm not sure which specific ones your your your thinking of i mean i know that deep sea courts have heard um you know the ten year challenges to to federal action as well as as well as state action and so sometimes people will bring challenges too you know they can certainly bring challenges executive orders into into state court you the case for instance that's the immigration that the the travel ban debates or the the executive order on new regulations that the president signed it though show up in state courts are with us federal cases i'm sorry i just lock you for a second on on i'm thinking about the the the debate over the travel ban executive order and thinking about the debate over the over the president's executive order on new regulations that some every time one if there's one that's that's been added you have to repeal two others did those do you know if those showed up in state court i believe at least the travel ban litigation was as i believe i think were i think.

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