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Air like a dead dog in khartoum here come not so dignified i fall down on my knees on the pavement and put my hands on cornelius chest i feel no heartbeat and i tried to remember the rules two fingers for davies or you break the ribs cordelia is about this is i put my fingers on her chest and start to push i think about the heartbeat how fast my own heart is pounding in my years too fast but cordelia is small perhaps the rhythm is right press down with each loud pulse in my head people walk around me on the street i can feel them stare a few speak they ask can they help should they call an ambulance i only feel for the pulse i think absurdly of the boy coughing and dying on my floor in another time i could not press on his chest because the blood was coming from his lungs and everything had broken i did not know what to do now press and press my knees ache and i think there is broken glass on the pavement cutting into my skin but it is only sand and grit minutes go by and more minutes my arms trembled i count the times i push and then stopped counting i wonder if i have broken cordelia ribs someone told me once that this pressing does not work without the truck machine the paddles for the heart i think if i could open the bony chest i could hold the heart in my hand and squeezes it until it began to beat again maybe someone should call an ambulance but what would the driver say arriving to see me with an old dog do they have this service for animals i have no feeling in my hand away more a helpful person says standing over me a young man this time l i say the dog has her feet in the air the world can see she is not a male to the young no nothing but when i look at her i think he is right she is dead way beyond la mo the young man says and then he is gone i.

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