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I don't know what that comes from is like were so worried about the greater good. That were fairly not convinced to try anything different. Because we're worried about how might hurt people in aerosols more out her people not that we want things to stay the same we. We do want innovation. But we're not willing to risk other people in that innovation the least if were not negatively affected after aquarius. We do have pisces. This is our final water. Sign and pisces is deep as the ocean. These are the artists poets. That just walk around just living at mystical life. Damn i like you right so yourself. You can't even. I love it really really really fun. Energy there so then after pisces. Weezer or right back into areas and then the way that those go in order actually also aligns with houses so the way that houses will following your birth chart is gonna vary depending on your birth time and stuff but if you were to have like an ideal earth chart The first house aligned with aries the second house align with tourists the third house aligned with gemini. And it's funny because when you start seeing net the first houses about the self aries me. A second house is about money torres finances. The third house gemini loves to talk and as going. Cancer is the fourth house which is home Leo the fifth house. Which is how you make your presentation to the world virgo. The sixth house which is organization in daily habits in like rituals the seventh house relationships scorpio the eighth house. The underworld death rebirth. So as you go through all of these unparalleled energies but truth be told. We don't always end up getting a birth chart it lines up like that. It's very rare consulted with someone. The other day that did happen. I was literally pokes lay off the most amazingly align houses irony life. It was very impressive. That person has an easy live. And a lotta times. We have these kind of easy placements. We don't really learn much about life as you know. Go through it to really learn about ourselves absolutely. Yeah so timing irv you all of that energy. How do you feel about that honestly. It was so nice for you to like so concisely kind of summarize what each sign was because i was thinking of people like in my life with every single one that was like. Oh damn yeah. That's that's exactly you know how they work. Which harper is a secretary of so my. We are going to travel all over the place. I cannot wait so excited..

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