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There i want an exciting guy. Who's on a streak. Who's in the top ten. Who gets me out of bed and it's on a big card right now. We don't know if it's on a big hard. I mean you have to sixty eight pavers. Great we don't know what the world's gonna like. Msg is going to be the spot at this point with everything going on right now but there seems to be some differences of opinion to put it mildly between these two guys and now we have a little bit of a little bit of some some heat going on as the kids like to say so. Was this the fight you would have gone with. Like i know you had your pick on on onto the next one. Maybe a couple of days settled. Maybe heard my glorious answered that the journey i took you on and maybe your mind change. What are your thoughts on this matchmaking. Now that it's made by. I'll give you your flowers on our podcast. This sunday onto the next one every sunday in one But no i. I when when the point was made and some listeners rounded up as well i totally i totally understood it. It made a lot of sense Rock whole rock hold coming back right. Wanted to ranked guy. I think margaret was. I feel like strickland those like beyond that match up. But if i'm if i'm being from a name value standpoint rock whole still has is still a top five name. Even if he's i don't think it's a tough firefighter at one eighty five but he is well known there. There's a level of fame there that strickland would want to benefit from more. So there's a great clash of personalities. Here strickland's i think fancies himself sort of a down to earth. All i wanna do is fight. I want. I don't want to quote him but i would like to inflict some intense violence another human being in the cage. Two extreme point you guys can find the quote quotas very very nasty quote. So he he. He is a fighters fighter. I think that is at least or at least how he fuse himself. High positions themselves as opposed to a luke rock. Hold who i think we view we can all agree. A bit of a glory boy. He's got modeling contracts. He you know he's has this he's always had exuded this this thai school jock confidence that that i would say many of us You know can't can't relate to so there's a great oil and water messia personalities. They're so so. I love that aspect of it. I'm dreading the trash talk a little. I'm not gonna lie. I think the trash talk will just be bad Maybe bad in a funny way but just bad. But that's the matchmaker should worry about all the other aspects of of this matchup being says they've checked correctly so kudos kudos to everyone at the for and and to haul excuse strickland ruckle for getting this done spencer. The snot luke rocco versus darren. Till it's luke rock. Hold versus sean strickland. Was this the right piece of business in your is. It is a terrific stupid fight to me. it is as you said. You know the name brand guy. And in luke rock hold that can elevate sean strickland in terms of that casual audience. That still very much remembers moog. Rock hold still thinks of him. It still carries him in high regard. Despite the fact that when this fight takes place he will be thirty seven. He will be four years or five years removed from his last victory. Like it hasn't been good in if fight that everybody gets really excited for. He's been knocked out in in each of his last two fights in the second round. He hasn't fought in over two years by the time. This takes place. So it's one of those weird wants to me. That is ak said like a kind of feel sean strict. You sean. strickland is beyond this. There are other guys more active guys that make sense. But that's why it's perfect for him like you wanna give me a former champion. Who's coming off the sideline that has had a bunch of injury issues and has had some you know. Maybe the motivation. Isn't there kind of issues over these last couple of years and let me go out there and and put it on this guy to to vault myself really into that top five into that championship. Mix absolutely and for rock hold. It makes sense because as you said everything he mentioned to you of of what he's looking for strickland fits that bill and then we do have aac. It really is the prince of positivity the way he described each of those guys at and the things. They've said about each other. In the way they carry themselves was the most like disney spin version of that. Possibly sean strickland sociopath He is not a blue collar down home. I just wanna fight. He's a lunatic. He wants to live out in the wilderness. Have a truck of guns. Have no one come near him ever and if you do he wants the right to beat the ever loving hallowed view and as he said in his little you know. Hey luke rock hold. I hear you talking smack about me and i'm gonna smack. Yup look rock. Coldest smug i love luke rachael. I have a great relationship with luke rock old. He's a smug dude. That's just how carries himself. It's it's the high school senior star athlete on just absolutely to the highest volume possible like five years removed from graduating high school. And still coming back to tell you how awesome he is. And i get it. I love it. It's why it's why. I set off the top of this. This is a terrific terrible matchup. That i cannot wait for and i like this. Is that chaos ladder. Match up. That i am. I am looking forward to at the end of the year. Because whatever happens to build is going to be just disaster like so cringe-worthy in terms of what these two idiots say to each other. It's going to be amazing. Cannot wait it makes a lot of sense but all the sense of the world it is circled on my calendar already and i just get it to me now. I actually like. I thought for this fight. I thought the winner of your ira hall versus johnson. Who is going to was fighting for the luke rock hole championship like the winner is gonna fight. Luke made all the sense in the world. Because i just look at the racquet like whitaker kosta cannon air vittori brunson till gasoline all. Those guys are booked right now every single one of them. So you only have jack hermansson and you have luke rock hold it. Beating jack hermansson is fine. He's ranked number six. Gets you up. But in terms of how people view you luke rachael. Does the much bigger name. You get much more of a rub beating luke than you do jack hermansson and the eyes of most fans. So that's why. I like the match. That's why about it makes sense. And now you throw in the potential obama's on this big cars you know the going to stack but we'll see what happens. We're going to move mike. I've been so talked into this match up. I think it's because we've had some over the past couple years with all the rock hold various rock hold a comeback talks. We've we've we felt like we had the perfect match for a long time. It was like rock hold. Anthony smith is perfect. They don't like each other. It would have to be a light heavyweight. So maybe not great for luke but at the time we're like whatever that's just wanna cut wait anyway good good match from the comeback and then it was And it was luke rock hold and like wiedeman rematch people out little rock. Hold wiedeman rematch. Like okay that's always. That's always something people are going to be interested in and the time was that okay. Maybe that's a little better than the anti smith rematch. Back at one. Eighty five it's against the rematch of a championship fight. Unanswered questions would have been hadn't slipped but that never materialized either and looking back on now like okay for both guys. Maybe that wasn't the best match now. It feels like we have fallen into the perfect match up. The timing is just right so maybe it's good that luke didn't come back earlier And that this he you know he didn't know all along that's sean strickland was was the man who had to work his way up to this level And get despite. I'm not a believer in destiny or fate or any of that stuff mike but it does feel like this is of those three matchup that just mentioned this is the best one the best possible for the cold. And that's pretty exciting. I can't wait for our friend. Jessica crystal crews crystal guide to victory this fight. And i know as going to put her notifications on come to sixty five week could beat. Msg plans may be changing with new state guidelines. I'm sure you've seen it but we're gonna move to a state where there are very few guidelines we're gonna head to texas with question number three the point around number two ghost to.

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