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Because the gas is cheaper so the market's not there did you offer gm anything to stay in ten keep these jobs no no we have not you know we want we have three shifts running probably year and a half ago and that we'll have to now and one by the middle of june i don't know anything we could possibly offer his they're not going to build cars and just have them sitting on the dealer's lots so when you look back at the history of this plant by the way it employed fifteen thousand people at the peak back in nineteen eightyfive after what's happening now it looks like it'll be around fifteen hundred people they'll be done about ten percent a lot of it is they subbed several items out so that's when they used to do everything including wheel entire assembly seat assembly they used to do everything on the planet and they've served a lot of it out so that's why they only have fifteen hundred workers on one shift so what has that loss of workers done to lordstown our our revenue is down we are fortunate that with what they were running well we put money aside we should be okay for this year we'll take another look next year we do have a couple of other projects going on here in town which have helped village coffers and what are workers who may be laid off telling you do you think that they are going to go to let's say spring hill tennessee or do you think that they'll stick around and try to find another job in lordstown i think if there's people who do failure around here they may try to hang around and hopefully see if we get a second shift or even maybe another product down the road you know the ruben bill is running rampant you know someone said that they may run this model year out and then after that you know some people say will maybe they'll shut down and they'll retool the plant i do know that back in the ninety s when they did do some upgrades they did try to build some flexibility into the assembly line so they could run a bigger.

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