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His forearm. Give not to receive. Is that meat more meaningful this year? Yeah, That means everybody's Karen many here alone for the holiday due to Cove it others in need of a meal. The mayor says the need is huge this year, but there's also held this year a bit different. The food was to go instead of a sit down meal, and Sharpton had a special guest. These food drives make a huge difference. What I've said is, we're not gonna anyone go hungry in New York City. I'm asking everyone let all New Yorkers know they don't have enough food to eat. Just call 311. This year. A big different The food was to go instead of a sit down meal, and Sharpton had a special guest grandson markers out is doing his first Christmas. Samantha Liebman Chantome wins in Harlem. It's news time 10 30 rooms for traffic and transit. Now, here's Kelly Dylan will start with the bridges and tunnels. Still a crash on the Manhattan bound 59th Street Bridge. Lower level mid Stan in the right lane getting cleared away so that a busy running that lower jack stick with the upper level instead. Or the Queens Midtown Tunnel is a quiet running either direction across the George Washington Bridge. We're looking great right now, and no problems at the Lincoln or Holland tunnels in the Bronx looking Great as well. On the cross Bronx, the dig in the brook there the Bronx River Parkway. No problems to report very quiet as well. On the West Side Highway and the FDR Drive in Queens. The L I E in the Grand Central looking great, And here is what we see on Long Island's Big three. The lychee, the northern and Southern states through NASA, Nice and quiet. Here is well, traffic and transit, every 10 minutes of ones and breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen. I'm Kelly Dylan on tension wins. Yeah. Hi. I'm Tom Wilson on the roads Just like on the ice. I keep it tough. Lindsay Automotive Group gets me with over 1400 great choices. A rough and tumble G a big body Dodge.

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