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Fourth or fifth is basically hid made i think the first couple ryan and the franchise fell out of his hands and he kinda came back and made this film okay and it's it gives would like reality television of law olympic life freddy kruger has become a kind of celebrity is strangesounding film by roy at one i really wanna say say okay all right my favorite a horror movie is drag me to hell because just about scares are can manage and really funny as well he seemed drag me now that's the sam raimi one yeah i have not seen it by delight my asmal faces satellite i never goes the cinema to what charge that this has a trade that was so intriguing i just couldn't not go if that's the right combination negative basically this woman who's trying to get ahead of the bank is told by have bosses she needs to stop making the tough decisions if she's going to get that promotion on loan behold she suddenly confronted with a little old gypsy lady whose about get kicked out of a house because she keeps to fool when a mortgage a wants to instinct is to give her another chance will help or in some way she remem bursts that she needs to make a tough decision and an unpleasant scene and choose which leads to a gypsy curse being placed on her which of the three days of tournament we'll see have being dragged to hell and the rest is the movie and it's her attempts to by whatever means escape the rapidly tightening metaphorical noose around the neck a terrific from heme seen just gone which anyway because it's gravy probably ever nia right okay so what we were voting on what we're doing it to week's time but fulfillment of next week at him well for next week where we can be covering the war move rack narok yup.

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