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Ninety nine point seven M. president trump is very healthy I'm Lisa Brady fox news that reassurance for senior adviser kellyanne Conway after the first case of corona virus at the White House one of the president's personal valets and navy service member both the president and vice president continue to test negative they've been some criticism of president trump saying we need to beat warriors as the country reopens the president often uses the word warriors to describe people who are hearty and who are committed and who are driven in this case to helping to reopen the economy to feed their own families to support their own small businesses but New York governor Andrew Cuomo says public health also has to be protected I mean this is not a situation where you can go to the American people say okay how many lives are you willing to lose three open economy he's considering a partial re opening in parts of the state after his latest shutdown order expires next week a federal judge says Massachusetts has to let gun stores reopened Republican governor Charlie Baker ruled gun shops in Massachusetts to be nonessential businesses and had to shut down a federal court has reversed that decision judge Douglas Woodlock in his ruling said Baker imposed an improper burden on the constitutional rights of those who want to purchase guns potential gun buyers join the second amendment foundation in suing the state for infringing on the ability to defend themselves the judge also directed the state to allow the gun shops to open this Saturday with social distancing rules that affect state lawyers say they may appeal boxes girl Scott a bombshell in the aftermath of the Russia probe the justice department plans to drop the criminal case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn this follows word that the lead prosecutor was withdrawing from the case after recent revelations of a possible efforts by FBI agents to entrap Flynn America is listening to fox news radio kale BJ on John Cooley this news service of Hitchcock dental the city of Austin says it is working on getting test kits for the homeless part of the city's response which also includes a three point six million dollar lease of three motels to be used as quarantine by the homeless also public health director Stephanie hated says the focus is also on equitable access to testing make sure we have we are eighty a compliant and thank you for reading above that they're coming Austin city council have approved a resolution ordering the city manager to come up with a spending plan that uses all the state and federal funding in the cam for covert nineteen relief.

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