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We're recommending Bloomberg surveillance do you everything you thought would happen is happening with the mornings at seven eastern on Bloomberg radio Bloomberg business happened Bloomberg radio dot com Bloomberg the world is listening in noble on is a leading provider of cloud based platforms empowering data driven healthcare leveraging deep connectivity the data of billions of medical events and advanced analytics in noble one empowers the achievement of improved clinical outcomes and financial performance for thousands of health insurance companies hospitals doctors pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies and to the millions of patients they serve every day in Nova line data has a story to tell we give it a voice learn more at a noble on dot com radiation it's a quarter past the hour time for a check of sports from around the world your stand Schwartzman thanks dad big day in the premier league is Chelsea and arsenal played a two wheel drive Stamford bridge as a blues maintain fourth place in the premier league table all the gunners stain ten elsewhere Manchester city gets past Sheffield United one bill in a Sergio hero tally the seventy third minute Newcastle United score two stoppage time goal supply Everton so to all draw other notable results in Europe include Napoli beating lots your one no on the Kobe Thalia while in France we own in Lille Plato to all drawn the coupe de la Liga Leo moves on to the finals forty three on pens look at the mantra of the Australian Open fourth season you'll Medvedev beats American Frances tiafoe in four sets on Xander's Vera guile month using dobby go fan all advances straight sets later tonight top seed Novak Djokovic along with Diego Schwartzman Matteo very TV and stuff and stick to this all play second round matches in the women's draw upset as twenty first seeded eighteen year old American demanded to see mobile falls in three sets is a read a DS meanwhile notables to move on to round two or Simona Halep I mean this is the Lena and Katie burns wall advancing straight sets later tonight times you'd actually party takes the court the second round match the baseball hall of fame introducing his latest class as Yankees great Derek Jeter's one vote shy being the second youngest player ever inducted as a captain is joined by former expose Rockies in cardinals right fielder Larry Walker on the enforcement that your Blu ray again B. C. world sports update mark headline and breaking news twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business the Bloomberg business slash morning to you seventeen minutes past the hour we.

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