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Jill NATO fox news and I can't sell why shop at least this afternoon they'll be some breaks in the clouds and gusty winds out of the northwest China's the high fifty six overnight clear skies a low thirty seven sunny and warmer on Sunday tomorrow the high climbed to sixty four after some morning showers on Monday partly to mostly cloudy through the afternoon with a high near sixty Jeff Maher from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCBS do you know that you could really have guaranteed lifetime income call Rob Roy for solutions at four ten two six six eleven twenty for the best hits of the sixties and eighties listen to the music at home in the car or at work wake up with numbers in person and get ready hugs from Diane lane six and ten AM Baltimore's classic hits are on ninety nine point nine FM in Harford county Q. thirteen seventy dot com W. thirteen seventy mobile app and on music radio Q. thirteen seventy W. C. B. M. Baltimore the views expressed on this program is not necessarily the views of this station content is for educational purposes only consult a mental visor or conduct your own due diligence of investing calls a pre screen in the show was pre recorded earlier this week because with element financial engines support financial engines advisors LLC an investment advisor the furnishes programming restriction actually going to repurpose based on assets managed in size experience.

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