Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Cohen discussed on Michael Savage


Stop mass hysteria, again stop. Mass hysteria, comes out, in October of two thousand. Eighteen. But you can pre-order it now and. Behead of all the crowds, that will definitely, be, lining up for this one. Eight five five four hundred savage eight five five four hundred seven two eight two we talked about so many different, things the resiliency of Donald Trump the Michael Cohen tapes. Which are going, nowhere fast I give it a two day news cycle because the media is really, going to try, to beat. It to death but then some other full contrived controversy will come up and you know we talked about Brett Cavanaugh and the left. Going crazy over him the latest blunders making fun it's. Just too easy of Alexandria Cossio. Cortez and the fact that the Democrats do not have a message it is truly. An. Amazing deal we awoke this. Morning to someone who took. A, pick ax to Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood walk of, fame and this to me is the appear to me of what is going through the liberal brains over at CNN. MSNBC and the DNC it. Is truly an amazing, phenomenon again I want to. Mention. Lanny Davis he's part of the Clinton. Crime family of Arkansas he's, the one pushing, the, tape of Michael Cohen and. Quite frankly you could disagree or gre- it's really got nothing on it but we'll keep that all out there and, if you wanna comment on any of it feel free. Eight five five, four hundred savage now Elizabeth Warren he's going. To be running for president against Donald Trump and it's going to be. Interesting because there are many hypocrites. In Washington DC but on tall order boy none are better than her this is a woman who faked her Indian heritage thus bumping a true person of native American heritage out of his seat at Harvard and then doing the same thing in order to get jobs as a lawyer. Afterwards, okay she's anti-capitalists but she's a. Capitalist she has vast real estate, investments in Oklahoma. Where she's originally from she's a carpetbagger now in. Boston Massachusetts and, we're Donald Trump has gotten. The gains tax rate down to, twenty one percent now they're trying to. Bring it to twenty she wants to bring it, up to fifty, you heard, me right five zero Let's play Clinton clip. Sixteen this is Elizabeth Warren talking about how. Great a fifty percent? Tax is The Republican party that pass this tax cuts.

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