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It sales one intercepting corneille. Yeah one thornhill definitely needed that diving interception on friday night after the game. The third year safety discussed the play. Is this a plate. i wanted for myself. Thank the boss and air. And i just did my job and went to go. Make the is more about playing a game with a quarterback. Because like i was trying to show i was like helping somewhere else and i took like a false step and once i'm nude quarterback saw he was going to try to hit him with three like bending over the top man he door right behind one of our backers ears and i just wanted to made the play. We had noted on the arrowhead drive and elsewhere on this podcast network that thornhill had been getting most of his time at training camp with the second and third team but from what it sounds like from the team. It's truly been a rep thing in a way. Thornhill is still recovering from the major knee injury from two thousand nineteen and that she sound like they simply wanted to get his feet under him again. No better sign. That's happening than that. Play that we saw on friday night under pressure lots but call believable concentration. So thornhill had the chief stop defensive. Play against the cardinals. wide receiver. mccoll hardman had the chiefs top offensive play after seeming to be a little out of sync with patrick mahomes hartman. Made a shoe string cat. For a seventeen yard touchdown wouldn't atari wasn't planning to like the game started again so it was like what doing so but i ain't nobody gonna put a whole but it was cool does good to get some a lot of riptide dern guessing targets the.

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