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I'm i think. I want i want sean slater to keep chase young from any sacks That's what i want. That's what i'm projecting. I sat free game forgiven. No sex given up from sean slater because as of right now. Brian balogh is not guaranteed. Gonna start you storm norton. Strike for him if yeah. We don't really already come out and talk about that yet. But yeah the watch. The blog is dealing with Hit flexor issue. And we're not sure if he's necessarily going to make it to week one eight did say he looked good over the weekend He's just. It's all the neither full pads today. Yeah so. I think are now today. They didn't have bad. It's opulent hispanic. Yeah it's optimistic but something to keep an eye on and we've talked about it before like we just gotta be. I don't know the blog thing. I'm just nervous about because he doesn't ever seem to be truly healthy. Yes later is your call. You think he's going to have a big game. I think he's done his acts allowed. No sex from slater. We think we'll dog. I'm going to say i'm gonna go with this cane. Oh i think he's gonna make all his kicks. I think he's going to come out and the battle. That could be a huge. Yeah so my my. My money's on biscayne. Oh having a great game. i'm calling cuyler role. I think he gonna have an i. Don't know if that's under the radar. Because he had a great preseason and we saw him show up a lot coaches talked big about him. But i think our factory was going to have a big game. We looked at the. We'll we'll kind of look at washington the team. We're gonna play here now. Run of the guys that we we did a deep dive on going into the draft. Was sam cosmi at a texas around the tackle We all kinda hope that. Maybe he'd be. If we don't go tackle first-round he'd be the second round guy that we might go after he went to washington. He's they're starting right tackle. I think that joey everyone talks about the the slater versus young macha. Bosa verses caused me. That could be some serious damage going down there. Starting right tackle. You put joey bosa on a second round pick at texas that there were obviously some some negatives that's why he didn't go in the i. I think that could be a big big position battle that we could take advantage of and even that much more so counterfactual as well. I think he could take advantage of that. That that new rookie right tackle. Go go out and right away Yeah it's interesting like the everything people talking about. It's like this the tidbit when you talk about this game is like they have the best front defensive front in all of football like let's everyone just like let's see because i think our defensive front is going to be pretty stout and pretty strong too so i think it's going to be more than just that that kind of story line. People are pitching yet. Take this shamelessly positive. Take i think this is what it is. Basically every team we played last year had the best front and best defensive front football because of our offensive line like nothing new for herbert this year even within the offensive line it might even be easier than when we played one of the lesser defense affronts because our offensive line was like toilet paper and it just let people go through three play. We're talking one plus paper. Yeah we're talking. And it was the chiefs dollar store very. I think that's the shamelessly positive take is. Hey ara improved offensive line. I know that they have a great front. Like there's there's no arguing. And i will be something to watch for sure But the pressure like being under pressure is not something new to justin herbert right. Yeah right. I think he'll be able to handle it for sure. And we'll see if fitzpatrick can handle some bowie. fact role. it'll be. Yeah it'll be a fun game to watch regardless There you go all right. Well thank you craig For showing back up on the craig experience and bringing in thomas petty. Oh good to meet you. Tom pay. We've not met yet. The pleasure pleasure right now folks. It's time to go onto our final segment. Ask both fam- time to put your money. William mouthy jam his excite me hungry editor boy. All right we start asked bolt fam- with an old favorite of ours coach. Lago lago who asked the question bold grid so like your man. I was just thinking. Yeah hiccup how the bolt his three man. Who's the biggest flop. You can remember mine and no man. Leave isn't an acceptable answer man. How's about the steroid himself. David boston man. So who still excited to have that mod in boltzmann damage man all muskie's mon- only one good season mon- war good months k love you buy so sorry to all jamaicans that Podcast that was but okay. So the biggest flop. Not named ryan leaf And maybe not named david boston unless you want to. Steal coach law goes minds. Kind of more recent and it sucks. Because i think he is a great player and he. He's on another team right. Now is jason barrett Was he was supposed to be a stud for us and just couldn't get off and get healthy. Man was a bummer. Because he had a couple of games where he was just shut people down pro bowl season. he'd one season. Yeah and then he just never got back on the field again in my opinions. It makes it a bus. It's a dingo if i pick. That doesn't get resigned. Could classify is boston. Yeah and he. He was a first round pick. Yeah that's a big bus from. It's a big relief. Leaving his might be the nfl probably that he owns up to it for sure My my biggest bust is larry english. I don't remember he was. He was a first round. Pick man he was. He was pick number sixteen in the draft. We picked them out of and we picked him this is. Aj was just infatuated with small schools. There is something about like. Oh no i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna draft guy from one of the best schools in the country. I'm gonna drive the pass rusher from northern illinois in the first round everyone was like it was like drafting tree. Pipkins in the what are you what are you doing. I understand if you like him. But i think we could have gotten waiter and he just never panned out. We didn't resign and yet he went to the buccaneers after us at a kind of a short career Just didn't do anything as a first round pick. I think that's where bus hap- like real bust happened in the first ours right. I think larry english was up there. Yeah boy. It's hard for me to pick a bus. That's not named ryan leave to me. I would say as a personal bust is melvin gordon. I feel like that.

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