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Last thing. I want to talk about specifically on the monster is the the shrunken timeframe they had to make this monster on a lot of these productions will give you months and months to work on creating the central monster of your movie right because there's a lot that goes into it including a lot of shit that is just there for filming. Like how are we need a person in this suit and make it look alien. It's got knees the been backwards. We gotta figure out how to work all that stuff. Stan winston's studio apparently had six weeks. Which is a remarkably short timeframe to create this monster because they had already tried one monster and it sucked and they were hired to do this and his team was just like. What are you kidding me. This is way too short a timeframe they heard about another production that had a year to come up with a monster. Like this and so it's remarkable. How good this monster. He is given how short timeframe to work on. It was was also interesting. That winstons outfit had this was the b. team. All the best guys were working on this thing called the monster squad and you know as one of the guys. I saw an interview with the scifi. The special effects crew that worked on a predator. And he's like at the time we were like the lesser than the people like. What are you wasting your time on this doomed project blah. And he's like but you know then again you watch the box squad. Anyone ever heard of the monster squad. And i got to work on the predator. Everyone knows about the predator. So it's like one of those like funny. How life works out the disaster project that these guys kind of like i guess like winston really believed in the concept like the script and all that Any kind of owed scharzenegger a favor or not owed him a favor but just was like friends with them. It will wanted to get it done from from terminator. And all that. Because like arnold i imagine is very good at making those connections. Yeah like if you shot a movie with him he problem and he likes you work. You did you pro. He probably keeps you around as a friend for life you know. Yeah because yeah. Even if cost thirty years like stan you know how you do. Listen to a boxes. Of god's house. The kids i need you to do it for who you say you gotta say no darnold that come on. He's gotten more famous over the years Did you see the the the way the script was written the the these brothers were watching. The i forget what it was. It might have been siskel and ebert for these guys discuss rocky four and kind of joking way and they're like what are they going to get rocky to fight next. The only thing left to fight is an alien from space. And they're like. Oh that sounds like an awesome concept. So they started noodling this idea about literally iraqi five where he fights and alien and that. After a couple of rewrites some script notes turned into the predator that might have been better rocky five maki. Rocky balboa fighting the predator would be a hundred times better than fucking rocky five. Jesus but yeah. I mean everything about the alien of this like i mean. It's a cool suit. You gotta really imposing physical specimen. The play. this head was super sophisticated. like nine. different sir voters to articulate demand ables the eyebrows get. The predator gives a good performance. Like i i love the scene. Were arnold cold cocks. It and it comes back and gives a flawless kind of lag. As at your best shot again. I can't stress this. This has got the face of crab spider. Yeah but it emotes man like it has like a moment of genuine appreciated. There's like the time where he like about the fallen arnold trap and then he notices the spike and he kind of gives them like You sort of a bitch. I'm not coming down this. It's it's good. It's good and it's all probably about six nerd stating offscreen frantically working a remote control radio. Yeah that's cool. I wanna talk about the one of the standout scenes of this movie And it every time. I've i've i've had the pleasure of showing this movie for like five or six predator virgins always it always fucking slaves. It's like after they've done that the there's a couple guys been you know the the radio operator. Geek gets taken out there in that traumatizes. The the rebel woman who can't say anything more than the jungle came alive etc. They're all on edge. And jesse ventura has got old painless out of his bag. He's got their mini gun and he takes a massive plasma gun shot to the chest he goes down and matt comes flying in his lover aggrieved. Screaming picks up this mini gun and just start hosing down the forest dude. Every member of the squad joins this scene. Takes a look at what's happened without questions. Trains their weapon. Grenade launcher whatever down. And they're just these wide shots of guys just fuck and mohan the jungle down these guns and it goes on forever and keeps escalating and it's about the best thing i've ever seen on film. It's fantastic. it's it's a so. I think back to like commando in the scene. Where he's like invading the compound right and there's this dude after dude coming out and he's just blowing them up with grenade launchers and and mowing him down. This is that times ten except there are no targets right. It's like that's what makes it so hilarious and kind of even more awesome is. They're shooting at anything and okay. Maybe one of them thinks they know that they're shooting at something. The others come up and have no fucking idea what's happening here at. This could be a weapons function. This could be like. Oh shit by a trigger finger spasm control a guys know they run up. They they empty clip after clip. Into the i mean like. He's got a whole backpack. Full amunition right. This minute gun can spit out. Hundreds and hundreds of rounds unload on this jungle like at the end. It's just like did you see. It's great because e trees i mean again i. We're not exaggerating. I hope people are moved to see this movie. Because of how god's owed is like this is gene kelly stomping in rain puddles and singing in the rain. This this scene has joy. The scene has life has a lot going on and they're literally cutting down trees like these six eight foot trunk..

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