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And you know, I started taking photos and at some point I was like, crap, like this camera doesn't have the our this, this phone does. And so it just comes to the point where smartphone cameras have become smarter at certain scenarios than a regular camera, and I'm like, I don't have time to be metering this end just flipping all the manual controls when a smartphone could just do everything for me. So why do I have to put up with this this? This is my perspective right now where I've come to the point where I trust the smartphone inserting scenarios more than a regular camera. I don't know about you guys. What about you branded? It's funny. I, I saw. Aw l. sixteen on Instagram, an Instagram ad because they might. They must've liked determined with an algorithm that I'll I would be interested in a phone with sixteen cameras, and I was because every time I saw my time went look at it out, click on the website and read about it, and I thought that it was just absolutely ridiculous. And I can't believe it actually like became a product and that's why they had to charge so much for the phones because they spend all the money on marketing. That might get. But. I think a few people reviewed it like Michael Fisher reviewed it, and I think his conclusion and from the other of us, I saw where that it's just it's not as good as like a pixel. And so what what's the point? That's it's almost like taking a perfectly good phone. Sticking a keyboard on the bottom. Fourth. I mean, it's just go just I just make sure we're not on the story yet. They should let only segue into it. I mean, that's like the perfect example of why we talk about it. Well, I do have one more point about this like, okay, it's it's very, it's very likely this is not going to happen, but if it did, it would effectively kill phones like the l sixteen, if Google were to open up the database that they use for the pixels cameras across Android, if they were to open that up and all cameras across Android, were able to access that, boom, we don't have to worry about anything from light anymore. Thank me grimy been more of an expert in Andhra than I am like and Brandon as well. Like isn't the whole pixel corps expansion doesn't have that purpose to. In a way. Yeah. But what I mean is it's not opened up to every other phone. It's still sort of like a pixel exclusive type of thing. What I'm saying is the way that I thought Google assistant would be pixel only feature, and then it became an everything feature. If the camera API in the camera database could become, you know, the computational data could become available to all Android phones phones like this one needs to exist and isn't it really just an app? I mean, I remember the essential phone had such a terrible camera, but then if you loaded the pixel of photo app the, The, you you know if if you you. did it, it just it made the essential phone camera actually usable. Yeah, usable is the term. It may not be extraordinary the way that the pixel two is, but that's because the the processing of the app itself is better than the one that a central put into the camera or put into their app. But the comp it's the computational stuff. It's the, it's the millions and millions of photos that they derive the data from that that matters. In this case. Yeah. So just adding more cameras sensors doesn't do the same thing. That's my my point here. You can't just brute force the situation there. It'd be end I shouldn't. We shouldn't be leaving any misleading notions here because this company light has been talking about upping their computational and software based game here. So again, we'll have to see what happens, but it sounds like we're getting way fewer in our next consumer release here going on..

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