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Get it. Sorry about that for listening to this. Just feel that excitement of that sound so we have some all think it hits all the sierra criteria when i saw so cozy so. It's a cosy blanket hoodie. It's a hoodie cosy blanket. Hoodie scott space. You could literally wrap yourself in ans- infinite space infinity. Then you could wear a hoodie. Hopefully they have. They hit all the criteria right there. S fuck legit. It's aerob- it's a rondo. Technically it's aerobics. Robe hoodie cozy of space. That's why i was like yeah. Hook it up. I was like that's what it is. Yeah so i enjoyed that. you know. it's fun because sam has one of these really. I had never seen it before i ran. I was looking for cozy shit. And i was all cozy queen. Yes why that's why typed in it was on cozy but his has like laser lights but he didn't get the sherpa was like how do you not go sherpa route area and it's a large so it's like really big on me so this one looks more my size. I got the medium fab. Yeah right. that's cool all right cool. Perfect thank you. i appreciate it. Most gives have been centered around. I've got a few sexy things. I got some jewelry. I off on a bad skirt but like hits like right at the booty. So it's nice. What does that mean also like mesh and stars. Who gave it to you. Amelia was explain all those adjectives. It's like maybe the ladies listening to exactly yup. I know that it's like a mesh skirt so it's not a real scary now. It's a skirt made out of mash. You can see through it. See three okay. So the real skirt till scott waistband. Okay so this curtis for sexy time. I actually talk to come over. You're not gonna get those things a rave shirt you're going to go publix public unless you're going after you went to a rave and then all bets are off and like ask on like fuck off discotheque man when i was younger. Wouldn't it like oj or lemon juice or lemon juice cost. Vicks inhaler is.

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