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Report's at two. O'clock. I'm Mike Morris AM seven ninety ABC this show. Furnished by money matters with Ken moraif. The following is paid commercial programming. Third-party rankings are no guarantee of future doesn't success working with a highly. Rated advisor does not ensure that a client or prospect client experience a high level of performance. Investment performance is not an explicit criterion. Because clients investments gold different these rating should not be construed as an endorsement of advisor by any client generally rankings are based on information prepared and submitted by the visor statements saying we told our clients out of the market two thousand eight referred to recommendations made by Ihnen WKLS principles while employed eagle strategies, they'll see the team that manages accounts and KM are seem individual with that responsibility at eagle strategies retrea search from two thousand nine to two thousand eleven AM was created in two thousand eleven say exit strategy, a more thorough disposer on the criteria using making these rankings is available by contacting and KM advisors. LLC now. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for money matters. And here's your host, Ken Morrow. We've got. We are in. Skies are sunny. Man recession. You are flu you have done us wrong. Well, hello. Hello, Hillary and welcome back to money matters with Ken moraif. And of course. Hi, ma'am. Your host, Ken moraif. And this is the show will be.

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