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And giving handouts giveaways is power rank hi it's power i again if you're able to just take other people's cash and and handed the people and say hey look what i'm giving you i'm giving you money while you're going to be pretty popular right it's funny we're we're we're we teach our kids the teach our kids about this stuff about you know you can't buy your true friends you can't do it yet that's where politicians to right they by the votes they buy the votes through pieces of legislation were they do handouts and giveaways and you know the funny thing is i've actually seen it in the past where they actually protect everyone all the incumbents out there i called psalm george w bush's tax cut back in two thousand seven as the vote buying incumbency protection act george w bush gets together with nancy pelosi in cuts checks to everyone hey hey i got a check in a male i gotta check in a male from georgian nancy unless of course you made more than seventy thousand dollars year and you didn't get a check yeah absolutely was by votes and this is why they want to control this why they don't want it to go away the same way they hold it over everyone's heads would social security remember when the government shutdown was gonna take place with john brainer and he was going to give it to barack obama morocco's on with dr david gregory and tell her how your or gummer joke doniger be worried about getting social security checks and medicare checks which was a lie the david gregory call barack obama out on his lie anybody in the media call him out on his lie well now you shut the government down social security checks to go out medicare still paid not an issue that means you but again that's that type of power because once brock said that i'll congressional phone lines are heated up ram onramp are freaking out they're not going to get their check and matchpoint go checkmate area we went anyway the whole thing needs to be done away with we need to bring freemarket principles back and even if we have to do with slowly but surely i just want to go back all i want is my health insurance that i had prior to obamacare that's all i walked fallen asking for i'm hoping that's the case because you know what i gotta lot in.

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