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I've been forty three years old for a month now. Six weeks Travis still hadn't got me. Let's go on expert. They may be I just don't know what's going on, man. They like they are obviously invested in us. So all you gotta do make like your Tito's liquor. It's like vodka. Call the CEO of tesol and tell me one interview then we'll get some watch. But if not, we'll settle for a couple of watches. Yeah, you can say no. That's cool. Just send us a sin. The Sibusiso krono XL, two of them. That's all we're asking for. We do appreciate an all seriousness t-, so's belief in us and support us because look they support us so that we can keep this thing free for you guys so that you guys can listen and not have to pay to listen. So thank you so much to t-, so antipathy cruiser, now let's get chugging be. So mad already. So one thing that I've really enjoyed about the NBA finals is the fact that when they're playing Milwaukee, there's a Chuck and beer contest on the Jumbotron, and it has made the what's that offense of lineman's name Travis David about Yari? It's made him famous. I mean he's made it famous, he's everywhere, all over social media, Instagram, Twitter chugging, these beers, and I will tell you, my man could chug a beer. I mean it's gone right down the pipe man right down. Don't see you. So at game five in Milwaukee of the Eastern Conference finals, this started happening again on the Jumbotron. And so the Landman says naming and Travis David TRE that could be wrong. You David, so David is sitting right, beside Christian yelich? Right. And so, David pounds, down this beer and he looks over yelich yelich, chokes down his beer, and then they look across the court at Aaron Rodgers so Rogers, it's his turn to chug is beer. And Rogers is not impressed with yelich. He says, no, he only had a half a Cup. I'm not impressed by that. So then Rogers he chokes his beer. Well, I don't think the Matthew Stafford the Detroit Lions quarterback was very impressed with that. So they're the restaurant him and his wife and some buddies or whatever they put it on social media of Matthew panel down, his cO bear so that then led Travis in me to this debate that we've had for the last few days about what NFL quarterback would be the champion of Kobe chugging, and I have two on my list that I think will be in the finals. Not think it could be Baker Mayfield versus Josh L. Cleveland Browns against the Buffalo Bills makers bakers are good one to go with I mean, look bakers one hundred ten percent on everything Baker does. And so, I bet you Baker I'll bet Baker could do it. I'll bet he'd be really good at it, but Josh, Josh Josh's big old, boy, I'll bet he could. I'll bet he could erase a beer, real quick to I'm thinking of Josh on this one, I just feel like a little bigger guy. Being up in buffalo now with the bills mafia feel like that's kind of like a prerequisite. I assume that his combine or his special work out with the bills that they're like, listen. We don't care about your forty like what you're Chuck time, because our fans can't have some do just sipping on some Pino. We need a guy that's going to go out there and chug some beers. So that is our homework for you guys this week. Hopefully, some of you guys watch the last waltz your homework from last week this week we want you to send us a note on Twitter machine at Marty Smith. ESPN at Travis rock. Hold send us a note of why your quarterback will whoever your favorite team is why your quarterback should be in contention should be considered as the greatest beer, chugging among NFL signal. Did you see Aaron Rodgers as tweet afterwards? So he sent it to the bacteria, and he said, make it scotch next time. Oh, so he's gonna make him making some excuses. Also trying to say I'm a classy drinker here. I need, you know. Scott. Listen Aaron lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Green Bay, Wisconsin. They don't drink scotch. His diet should consumes bear town, beer cheese, Kurds..

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