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12,000 wildland. Firefighters are battling dozens of blazes burning on nearly 900,000 acres in the west amid very dry conditions and record triple digit heat. For NPR News. I'm Ryan hinges in Flagstaff. The National Weather Services. Lead forecaster Bob Oravec says the heat wave will definitely engulfed much of the West this week. Air tech We do see potential for temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees above average across portions of California, Nevada, good portions of Idaho, Washington State and Oregon. Or if it projects that some parts of the southwestern US should get some relief By the end of the week, the Cuban government is blaming growing unrest over its coronavirus, pandemic response and economic crisis on US sanctions. But White House press secretary Jen Psaki suggested Cuba's authoritarian rule is really to blame, adding that the Cuban people's decision to rise up is there's alone. These are protests inspired by the harsh reality of everyday life in Cuba, not people in another country. President Biden says the mass protests that were stage across Cuba yesterday were remarkable. But so far he's given no indication that the U. S plan to reverse an embargo imposed on the island during the Trump administration. The top U. S envoy for Israeli Palestinian affairs is in the Middle East for the first time since Israel's new prime minister took office. NPR's Daniel Estrin has the latest from Jerusalem. Deputy assistant Secretary of state Hadi Amar is in Israel and the West Bank this week after Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett took office last month. Bennett's office says the prime minister will not be meeting with Amor. His visit comes as international mediators are still trying to negotiate a way to begin reconstruction in the Gaza Strip after the conflict in May between the Israeli military and Gaza militants, Israeli warplanes damaged roads and homes in Gaza and the World Bank, United Nations and European Union estimate. Gaza needs $485 million to rebuild over the next couple of years. Daniel Estrin. NPR NEWS Jerusalem The Dow's climb more than 100 points since the Open. You're listening to NPR news. This is 90.9. W bur. I'm Jack. Let PR is in Boston, The town manager of Provincetown says there have been a handful of positive covid cases over the past few days among people who are fully vaccinated. In a Facebook post manager Alex Morris did not give a specific number, he says nearly all of the town's year round and part time residents are fully vaccinated. Health officials say those who are vaccinated generally of less severe symptoms when they develop Covid 19. Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in The South End, has named its first woman president, trustees at the school of named Aisha Francis, who was most recently the institute's chief executive officer. Francis says she'll continue focusing on the development of a new state of the art campus in Nubian squared faster education, entrepreneurism and opportunities for communities of color. The Middlesex district attorney says a man is in the hospital after a standoff with police in Everett. Authorities report and officers shot the 45 year old man when he moved toward officers with What is being described as a sword. Police say the man had previously barricaded himself inside his apartment building. The D A, says he is expected to survive. Many report finds more than 250 beaches in Massachusetts were deemed potentially unsafe for at least one day last year. The environment, Massachusetts Research and Policy Center report finds some of the beaches most commonly found with potentially unsafe water quality, where Kings Beach and Swamp skit Tannin Beach in Dorchester and Wallison Beach in Quincy. Ben Hellerstein's is the group's state director and says sewage overflows after heavy rains are to blame. We know that as climate change continues as extreme storms become more frequent and more severe, we can expect to see these two, it overflows increase, so that's why it's so important right now to make the investments necessary to ensure that our beaches are safe with swimming beaches are considered unsafe for swimming when there are high levels of fecal bacteria. Which can cause illness and infection. Fidelity's Digital assets division is expanding its staff by about 70% Bloomberg reports. The Boston based company will add about 100 technology and operations workers in its Boston Dublin and Salt Lake City offices. Moves in response to growing demand for Cryptocurrencies. The new employees will help Fidelity developed new products and expand offerings beyond Bitcoin in the forecast. Scattered showers tonight but mostly dry lows in the low sixties could see an early shower tomorrow, then Mostly cloudy with highs in the.

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