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Let's talk about some of the fun stuff. Here w. There is something there is something in the diner scene. Where Preveza is about to get poison that I didn't like, and it was this weird. Little bit of trans humor with KiKi and Kenny KiKi Vanu waitress formerly Kenny the old waiter. He's the mistress of ceremonies. I hear. She's so funny, you're gonna bust a gut o. Kiki? What's a matter? I just had the pink plate special. It seemed like w was making a joke of it. Then when we see KiKi she seems to be a trans caricature like a normal trans person it was KiKi. So I I just didn't like some of this humor that was there. See now, I didn't pay attention because I totally just chalked it up to KiKi and drag Queen. Well, it was KiKi the waitress and Kenny formerly known as Kenny the waiter, and then Debbie's confusing once and Kenny KiKi looked more like a Kenny there. So it just seemed like very good treatment of what I believed to be a transgender person. And Lord knows this series. Does not have a great track record in treating anyone other than the gay white male. And appropriate manner. Greg Campbell played KiKi, and Kenny and that character actually appears in three episodes including the series finale. I don't remember what happened to slash Kenny. That's the thing. I all the times you've been in this diner. I've only ever seen Debbie in Justin working there is sometimes there's like a cook. In the kitchen that you wouldn't sometimes I cook was Vic one time. I was big. Sometimes you get a glimpse of the cook. And accused really there's somebody else like the the one that served the pink plate special of the twelve inch wieners. That was somebody who will walk in there. I did like the humor though of ws biotic dash to save Horvath from the pink plate special. I was so out of place. It was a comedy moment. Almost like Debbie was the woman who can run like super fast. And she takes that dive to save more. I get that. But there was no other moment in this episode word that kind of humor happened hoping at burger. So he just went like, well, you just did that to do it didn't you? Yeah. But I'm glad she likes. She meant. I thought she was going to smack the forecast of his hand or something, but she just manages throat kinda ground grabbed it something that I thought was weird. Well, not weird something I thought maybe Debbie overreacted to was one bar being closed down one night. Because a you know, technically were breaking the law. I get where her anger is coming from. She went nuclear because they're doing something for charity. They still illegal though. I mean is it really illegal? What what we're gonna believe that? Yes. They some ordinance the cops about of some ordinance that this place was in violation of lewd behaviour, I think that's even the case in Chicago where you can't have male dancers with their genitalia winging around. So it's because he actually exposed himself. That's what they got into trouble. Yeah. And it's not so much that they were taking their clothes off to a certain degree because he did flashes. I think I think that's what the cops. Did. I think the stripping was okay. Like down to your underwear is. Okay. But then as soon as he whipped out his dog or lack thereof. That's one of the cops pulled the badges out in cleared the the bar which I've been in a bar. Win has been shut down before it never happens that way. It's a nice orderly. The music starts tonight. We're going to have to shot it down turn up the lie drinks quickly start moving towards the exits. The last thing the police want to do is start yelling at a bunch of drunk gay people..

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