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Previously on accused we started asked me a bunch of questions i ask where was that is automatically being the living daylights downli cocaine ethnic this craig it went the way it seemed like it should have went now when on the jury when prosecutor i wasn't there is a policeman at the time but the overnight decline shavit of it looks like a knocking at walks like a duck probably a duck i remember hunt in this is accused the unsolved murder and retha welsh every criminal cases a brand new jigsaw puzzle in fact it's something of a cliche in the courtroom in one murder case a covered in michigan the prosecutor literally made huge puzzle pieces to assemble into one giant prop in his closing arguments a phone call here a halo discovered there he flipped each piece over end on the backside portions of a portrait began to emerge on their own the clues me nothing but joined them together as this prosecutor did and you sometimes end up with a convincing portrait of a killer the shoeprints hair samples and jilted ex girlfriend were pieces of the puzzle that landed william virgil imprisoned for killing retha welsh in 1987 but they weren't the only ones a big piece came by way of read this boyfriend james becker who said he spotted a man and read this hallway the thursday before her death a man he identified in a photo lineup as william virgil.

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