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Pillsbury doboy if he was missing a hand that could be as hand yeah that's true it would be a little too big because that hand is like the size of the pillsbury though boys entire body but cash we didn't see in the pills per doboy where's he'd been warehouse he'd been up to you know dharam him anymore none of that would be a hooker he dollar wing i would do that that's a durable and looking at them right now to see if he even has hands he doesn't have fingers sales like now behind his like myths i miss that little guy i he shows i feel like i saw him a couple of years ago due in as little as you and love that were talking about him as if he's a real what like i think i saw him down at walgreens on and the other day those people who talk about real house allies are soap opera of and you're like why it is your he's dropping and they're talking about so and so had so and so's baby okay we are a we'd better their food news yeah okay area kim kozel lists also of foods that we don't know what they actually mean gene okay so there was actually this is a foreign food survey that was done in england so might be different here in america that these were actually foods that people didn't quite know what they were and chilwata most people knew what an essential ottawa's but six percent of people actually thought it was an animal found in the jungles of south america shut your face yeah wow and then they think they were probably thinking of chinchilla us yes that makes sense i guess i do this all the time now that just iin if i don't know it's something is i kinda do what you do with the word association like oh i know what that is all okay with food yeah okay next one rahm men 24 percent of people said it was the name of a religious festival people think they were probably dan yep yep yep and i always say i never just say rahman i say rahman noodles hm which is might be redundant i don't know yeah i think yeah i would normally say rahman his the package joey said i thought rahman noodles yeah but you don't always have to call anything i mean.

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