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Issue today remains on the Stevenson inbound. It's really jammed up before cast up to the tri state where we still have a crash blocking the left lane. This is a 57 minute drive now from 3 55 the lakeshore drive. Really heavy on this inbound stretch of the Stevenson through DuPage County, 24 minutes in from the Tri state. That's the good news on the Stevenson and not a lot of major delays from the tristate and just jammed up on the ramp to the inbound side of the Dan Ryan because that ramp remains reduced to a single lane for the next couple of months. The outbound Stevenson slow Pass Harlem to First Avenue, with moving roadwork and Elaine, 33 out, 23 55. Eden's all clear both directions. Kennedy in 23 from O'Hare Out Sounds good on the Kennedy, the Eisenhower immense low 17th to display NES. 32 minutes from round 3 90 It's 19 and from Mannheim outbound to 90. You're looking good on the Dan Ryan and Mountain scene delays now from past 35th up to before the burning or change 25 minutes from 95th in a downtown up on right here, Okay? 57. No problems in the Bishop Ford is in great shape. Lakeshore Drive, looking good north and South bound on the only tall weighs one delay. And that's where you would expect it to be the North bound tristate slow onto the 2 90 ramp south pounds. All right, though the Jane Adams Reagan and 3 55 hallways were all good, around 53 is clear. As is I. 80 with 80 94 i 65 in the Indiana toll road, all moving at the speed limit. We do have an issue in Darien Plainfield Road eastbound, slow approaching Clarendon Hills because of a crash. So 75th is a better option there in Lake Forest, Route 60 westbound have you before the Tri city because of a crash, So 1 76 is going to be your better option Traffic sponsored by Lifelock. If you're only monitoring your credit to help protect your identity, you could miss certain threats like your info for sale on the dark Web. Good thing. There's Lifelock identity theft protection, get Lifelock now and save them ordering their special summer sale. Goto Lifelock dot com Use promo code risk. Sail and July 20th Next traffic Report. 9 48 news Radio 7 81 of 5.9 found w BBM AccuWeather Clowns Unlimited sunshine through today will be quite warm and more humid with a couple of thunderstorms around this afternoon and evening. Any of those can be severe with damaging winds and hail even some flooding. Downpours signed today 88 mostly clouding of McGee later tonight.

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