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Once evidence-based issue has become politicized. We will choose to be wrong. If it keeps us in good standing with our cultural Pierce in cahan studies where people are asked to demonstrate their knowledge about evolution. If they are incentivized not to do that, for instance, with monetary rewards or being just asked to get the correct answers as best they can they're scores correlate with their level of education without those incentives discourse correlate for their religion offi. Instead when they're being asked about those things, they're they're not telling you what they know. They're telling you who they are. Now, Kim said there's something that his research tells all of us something that we should all know that maybe we haven't accepted yet. And is that literally any evidence based issue can become politicized? We need more information about how that happens if I were going to explain it to you. I might start. Other issue besides climate change, just because I think climate change is one of those things where the only model that explains the opinion is that actual opinion. It's big as opinion it self, but we can pick other issues where I think that could show you how how it was that the issue became transformed like that the one I think is the most instructive as a case study as the ATV vaccine for the human papillomavirus, it's extremely common sexual disease. Upwards of seventy five percent of sexually active people in their twenties early thirties. They're going to have been exposed to the virus. And it's not only not only the leading cause probably the only cause of cervical cancer in kills in the United States three thousand women a year. The vaccine was introduced as a as one to be given to school middle school girls. And people know the story, you know, that somebody comes knocking on the door. And you say, hey, you know, your your daughter in the backyard over there on the swing the twelve year old who's going to be. Having sex next year. You know, she needs to get STD's shot or don't bring to school. And they think it's just obvious. There's going to be a culture conflict on that. The the the reason to doubt that though is that at the same time that we were fighting about the TV vaccine. The acceptance the vaccination rate for the HP vaccine have Titus be which is also a sexually transmitted disease. Was that ninety five percent? Nobody was arguing about that one. Even though it came just a couple years before the difference is that people learned about the H B vaccine from their doctors, it wasn't politicized the HP vaccine. However, they learned about probably by watching MSNBC and Fox News. You know, where the the message was it's us versus them. Again. I mean that occurred because the manufacturer took a very unorthodox route to try to introduce the the vaccine the makers of HP vaccine saw earlier approval, and they also. Saw to make it mandatory. No, early approval means debate in congress mandatory means debate in state legislatures. Both means that people with zero scientific knowledge raised questions about why this was a mandatory vaccine for girls instead of boys the public, then I learned about the age PV vaccine by watching reports on MSNBC and Fox News were the message was framed as a moral issue, which made it in us versus them issue, which made a tribal issue and anything that's before the legislature is just kind of raw meat for the conflict enterpreneur groups on both sides of these issues that right and left, and it turned into a question of whose side are you wanted who are you and just blew up in everybody's face. So that was a decision to take an issue that normally travels down this path where people are able to recognize what science knows regardless of their identities and put it, right? On the track to become one of the the sad issues where we have this tension between being who you are knowing what's known by science. No people who are gladly allowing their children to get the BV vaccine are opposed completely opposed to the nearly identically administered HPV vaccine now, it seems nonsensical. But again being a good member of your tribe is more important than holding correct views and Cahen says that the very same thing could happen to.

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