The Deal, North Korea, Bloomberg discussed on Face the Nation


And the ad council why of east dying what's the deal with north korea what exactly is bitcoin any way get clear concise four minute answers to these and other complex questions with bloomberg quick date hard to explain topics explain simply visit bloombergcom flash quick take what's next right now on tuesday january 23rd bloomberg's the year ahead will be making its way to davos switzerland with a must attend lunch of it offering a new and exciting addition to the world economic forum week we'll talk artificial intelligence of automation was deemed speakers such as cv jayakumar's hcl technologies joined us culture quash neither electric david winning of ebay and many more proudly sponsored by hcl technologies for more info visit bloomberglivecom bloomberg market minute the movie business is not what it used to be not even close netflixing recently reported the new will smith feature production bright by herring harry surpasses theater release blockbuster status on home tvs recent box office numbers have crept up but a nishikori who covers the settlement film industry for bloomberg says that doesn't have anything to do with more people go into the movie very being able to do that because of the advent of digital man medium and said that taxation of fate is also the proliferation of premium largeformat screens like and i max theater screen within an agency cineplex for example security says theaters you're trying to make the experience something more special taping investing a lot of money in receipt adding luxury seating recliners so your experience is much more enjoyable you can also have invented dining what's next applause button greg jarrett bloomberg.

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