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But be open minded, I I mean, the previously unthinkable has become not just thinkable. But it's being talked about all over TV. The FBI opened up an investigation into the president of the United States to see whether or not he was working on behalf of Russia. My reaction, I Peter it's remarkable sentence that you just read on national television remarkable to think that the president of the United States would be the subject of a counterintelligence investigation. You have to take a moment to digest. Yes. Let's take a moment. Let's take more than a moment to digest this. Let's not let this story. Just breeze by like everything else in the news cycle. These days the US president possibly working for the Russians possibly an unwitting pawn something the FBI was investigating. Why are these leaks happening? And why are they happening now? What does Robert Muller? No. How much longer will? We all have to wait for answers. Let's ask CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein. He's here with me in New York. This morning, Carl I'm I'm a little frustrated by by how long this is all taking I think Rudy Giuliani Giuliani has a point when he says come on. Let's see the evidence at some point. Don't the American people deserve these answers sooner rather than later. I think you'd have to wait until the end of a very deliberative investigations Muller is making and what we know what that Washington Post story. And the New York Times story show is that Muller is operating as has been members of the president's own national security, deep Mattis among others, some people who are still there some who have left that. Indeed, he has become a pawn of the Russians now whether that is a winning pawn and unwitting pawn a half winning pond that is something that perhaps molars. Report will tell us because one of the things mother is doing is that he is looking at the obstruction the obstruction of Justice by the president of the United States that that seems to be a parent, and whether the obstruction itself has furthered Putin's aims in becomes part of some kind of collusive notion UT this up on Wednesday. I notice this on interesting Cooper so Wednesday night, you teed up. This exact point that the post and the times are now making let's play that clip. I from Wednesday night. There's been an obstruction of Justice. There's no question about that. No question about the president's involvement in that obstruction. One of the questions Muller is trying to answer. I believe is whether that obstruction itself furthered the interest of the Russians, bingo, you said the obstruction is not separate from the collusion question. These investigations are linked exactly what these newspapers are signaling this weekend. So how'd you know that where is this coming from? Well, first of all the New York Times in Washington Post were more advanced on the story than I was. But I did know something and part of what I know comes from lawyers of some of the other defendants in this matter who have appeared before Muller, including members of the joint defense team, which collaborates with the White House, and those lawyers believe the president has been lying at every turn about his relationship with Russia about. Those of his aides look lettuce look at all the lives. Follow the money. Follow the lies. They are all mostly and most vehemently about Russia. Whether we're talking about Flynn, Trump, his son Kushner back to lying about questions having to do with Russia about what happened at the Trump Tower meeting the president of the United States drafts. A totally false statement about what happened at that meeting that his son was at look you set it up, right? We don't know the answers. But what we do know is that Donald Trump has tried to convince us that unless there is some kind of smoking gun. We're recording of him in the room with Putin saying yes, flatter Mer. I'll do bidding there's been quote. No collusion. That's nonsense. What this counterintelligence investigation was about unprecedented. The FBI and this is not about the deep state. This is about the most. Serious counter intelligence people we have in the US government saying oh my God. The president's words in action lead us to conclude that somehow he has become a winning unwitting or half winning pond, certainly in some regards to Vladimir Putin. Look Trump keeps going back to the idea we need better relations with Russia could be he could. Well, be right..

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