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Through new castle into rented finally finding some relief around in northeast park in north bound for five struggling from the valley freeway into new castle our next come with traffic at nine fourteen your forecast here's Abby Oconee today were monitoring the possibility for a little bit of a rain snow mix down to the foot hills but little to no accumulations are expected and it will be dealing with some isolated to scattered rain showers in the lowlands highs today ranging in the low to mid forties early tomorrow morning we could be dealing with some snow it down to sea level but a similar situation to you today in that little to no accumulations impacts are expected to be on a couple of slick and slippery areas we could be dealing with an inch or two or three of a similar fate hills though by Thursday morning I mean around his Abby a county in the coming weather center only forty three downtown mostly cloudy with a few sun breaks at nine oh six we continue with our top stories and a couple twenty four seven news center the European union's climate monitoring services twenty nineteen was earth's second hottest year on record below only twenty sixteen the report out today from the Cooper going to occur Perdiccas climate change service says last year's average temperature was only a few hundredths of a degree below twenty sixteen earth's temperature over the past five years was as much as one point two degrees Celsius or about three degrees Fahrenheit hotter than pre industrial times heavy rain causing flooding problems in Snohomish county in Savannah higher highway covered with water the Stillaguamish river spilling over onto the highway water now surrounding homes and businesses creeping toward others now it's going through and it's coming up to like the front porch area you know I mean but not.

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