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When it makes landfall. Stay with WTO for more about these stories in minutes. We have new developments this afternoon in the cold case killing of university of Maryland football coach Mike's loxley's son. Federal prosecutors have charged a man with obstruction of justice related to the case. The Baltimore banner reports John Kennedy junior is accused of giving false information to a grand jury investigating the death of Miko loxley. Loxley was shot to death 5 years ago in Columbia, Maryland. The indictment gives few details, but it does show for the first time that prosecutors have taken up the investigation. Coming up here in money news. For the fourth straight day, the Dell comes up short and the losing streak continues. I'm Steve dresner. Traffic and weather on the 8s tell us what's happening, Dave gildan. Get to it, Maryland, I 95 northbound beyond route 200 and near the northbound 95 on ramp from the ICC firefighters blocking the right lanes at the now extinguished car fire. Everyone gets by slowly and two lanes to the left on 95 northbound into Laurel. En route 29 northbound, heavy and slow out of burtonsville before the patuxent river, the response to a crash caller says, blocking the right lane. Route 100 eastbound jammed Elk ridge toward Hanover and severan. East of two 95 and near arundel mills boulevard, the crash on the right side on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, it is heavy as it is around much of the beltway in Maryland and Virginia. And on 50 east bound at the severan river and getting across the bay bridge, a lot of folks are going to where the eastern shore apparently this weekend, two way traffic on the westbound span, westbound slow for about a mile off Kent island. Westbound river road is backed up at the long-term works on your Wilson lane right lane block, a lot more drivers heading from Macarthur boulevard, hopefully by now they've closed inbound access to the Clara Barton Parkway where it's supposed to be one way outbound. In Virginia on the northbound George Washington Parkway, slow to get in and mix with the beltway congestion. It is Friday. It will be plenty heavy and slow on 95 between Springfield and Fredericksburg for once. All mishaps are on shoulders, there are no recent crashes, 66 westbound near nutley street, the broken down vehicle clear, Bailey's

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